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Labor play

Get it? Make the most of this long weekend.

By Jenny Coon Peterson September 1st, 2011

And then we looked up and it was Labor Day. Seriously, you guys, is this what happens as you get older? Am I going to wake up one morning and realize it’s suddenly 2035? (In that scenario, I’m being awoken by a robot that will transport me to the salt mines of our alien overlords. Obviously.)

This is it. Summer’s last hurrah. Spend it wisely, because if the five years living in Oklahoma have taught me anything, it’s that you all will be rending your garments over the possibility of snow — dear god, not snow! — in a couple months. 

So how to spend it? Swimming and beer. Although probably not together. I don’t want to be responsible for someone drowning in 6 inches of water.

Aquatic centers Earlywine, Will Rogers and Pelican Bay will be ending their swim seasons after this long weekend, so take the opportunity for one last spin down the curlicue slides. (And if you haven’t yet taken advantage of these great public pools, what the hell are you waiting for? Get thyself to the pool!)

Cap off a day of swimming with a night of beer and wieners. Choctaw Oktoberfest polkas into Choctaw this Friday for the annual all-things-German festival. If you’ve never been, be prepared for tons of people, heaps of food, steins of beer and enough oompah bands to last a lifetime — otherwise known as a really good time.

Oktoberfest continues through Sunday and then finishes with a bang (courtesy of sauerkraut and schnitzel) Sept. 7-10.

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