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About Oklahoma Gazette

Our Mission

Oklahoma Gazette’s mission is to analyze those elements which affect the quality of life in Central Oklahoma; to stimulate thought and participation with information and opinion on entertainment opportunities and social needs; to expose conditions and actions that detract from our quality of life; and to recognize those individuals and actions that deserve commendation within the community.

Circulation and Readership

21% of the Oklahoma City metro population reads the Gazette. It’s the largest weekly newspaper in the state and our editorial, design, advertising and marketing have all won state, regional and national awards for excellence.

Oklahoma Gazette prints and distributes 53,500 papers every Wednesday in and around Central Oklahoma, and with more than 2.5 readers per copy, Gazette has 134,060 weekly readers.

Cume readership is even higher with 207,308 readers who read the Gazette at least once per month.



Gazette readers are high-income, highly educated influentials who are active in the community. The mean age of a Gazette reader is 45 and the average household income is $59,174 – substantially higher than the market average. Thirty-six percent of Gazette readers have a college degree. Impressive, right?

As you might expect, people who read the Gazette are more likely to drink wine, attend concerts, and dine out at a restaurant.

But did you know that Gazette readers are also more likely to buy furniture this year, pay more than $30,000 for their next vehicle, and have an IRA?

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Our History

Oklahoma Gazette was founded in 1979 as a neighborhood historic preservation newsletter by Bill Bleakley, and it has evolved into your favorite local newsweekly over the years.

Bleakley still owns and operates the Gazette independently today.




Data listed is from The Media Audit, 2009 and 2010.