OKGazette.com - Restaurant Reviews http://www.okgazette.com/oklahoma/articles.sec-113-1-restaurant-reviews.html <![CDATA[All smiles - Try the mixed greens at George’s Happy Hog Bar-B-Q. They’re as good as the meaty main dishes. Almost.]]>

George’s Happy Hog Bar-B-Q
WHAT WORKS: The mixed greens are the best. The ribs are meaty and tasty.
WHAT NEEDS WORK: The mac and cheese needs a flavor infusion.
TIP: Desserts are displayed along the line, but ask if there’s something you don’t see.

<![CDATA[Stuffed in Oklahoma - The freshly made, new menu and management at The Miller Grill in Yukon might be too much — and that’s a delicious problem to have.]]> Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit might be interested in opening a small motel in the empty storefronts near The Miller Grill in Yukon, because some very happy people are going to be very sleepy. ]]> <![CDATA[Viva Alfie! - Alfredo’s offers Mexican food for tastes geared both north and south of the border.]]>

Alfredo’s Mexican Cafe

2713 South I-35 Service Road, Moore



What works: Good service and tacos with terrific Mexican corn and chino beans side dishes. 

What needs work: Disinfectant accosts you as you walk in the door.      

Tip: Check out the enormous menu online first.

<![CDATA[Noble nosh - A short drive to the metro’s edge will reward you with a taste of down-home Oklahoma cooking.]]>

Kendall’s Restaurant

100 S. Third St., Noble



What works: The uber-friendly atmosphere and good schnitzel-like chicken fried steak.  

What needs work: The green beans need seasoning, and mashed potatoes would be better from fresh spuds.

Tip: Come with a hunger like you’ve never experienced, because you’ll need it.

<![CDATA[Magnum Opus - Opus Prime Steakhouse offers decadence in everything from wine to lobster. Oh yeah, and steak, too.]]>
Opus Prime Steakhouse
800 W. Memorial Rd.
What works: steaks, crab cakes and a wine list that could choke a donkey.
What needs work: a little less Sinatra on the stereo, but not much else.
Tip: With barrel-aged cocktails and an appetizer, the patio is a great spot to relax.
<![CDATA[Let them eat cake - A sophisticated bistro specializes in European flair and uncommon fare.]]>

La Baguette Bakery and Café

1130 Rambling Oaks Drive, Norman



What worked: Well-prepared victuals served in upscale surroundings.     

What needs work: Nothing.     

Tip: Don’t skip dessert.

<![CDATA[Empirical evidence - Empire Slice House delights with specialty pizzas and old favorites.]]>

Empire Slice House

1734 NW 16th St.



What worked: Fun and flavorful specialty pizzas.

What needs work: It's busy and can get loud.

Tip: Not every slice is available every day, so call ahead if you need something specific, or buy a whole pie.

<![CDATA[Boozy bikers - For its second year, Bricktown Bike Bar hits the streets with some new options.]]>

Bricktown Bike Bar

12:30 p.m., 3 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 8 p.m. and 10:15 p.m., Daily


Prices vary

<![CDATA[Review: Ole Town Gyros & Kabob - A small Norman gyro restaurant offers an Iranian take on some familiar cuisine.]]>

Ole Town Gyros & Kabob

402 E. Main St., Norman


What worked: Generous portions of exotic food at reasonable prices.    

What needs work: The menu needs to stick with the basics and lose the corn dogs and fish sticks. 

Tip: Parking is scarce. Plan to park in the nearby downtown business district.

<![CDATA[Back door, man - Be an insider and skip the front door at this barbecue eatery on NW 23rd Street.]]>

Back Door Barbecue

315 NW 23rd St.


What works: The ribs, the Daily Beast, almost everything

What needs work: The texture of the smoked burgers.

Tip: Park behind the restaurant and go in through the back door.

<![CDATA[Pony up - Red Horse Grill has been serving hearty Southern diner favorites to loyal patrons for a generation.]]>

Red Horse Grill 

2205 W. Main St., Norman



What worked: Diner food that’s not from a corporate supplier.   

What needs work: Tidy up the dining room sports shrine.    

Tip: Twenty years in business means it’s doing lots of things right. 

<![CDATA[Italian, Venezia-style - An Italian chain surprises with pizzas and desserts worth coming back for.]]>

Venezia Italian Ristorante

8109 Northwest Expressway

What works: Chicken picatta, pizzas and desserts.

What needs work: Some of sauces are a touch too bland.

The tip: When in doubt, get the meatballs.

<![CDATA[Peruvian purview - Chicken, fish and a variety of great food from Peru, with love.]]>

La Brasa Peruvian Kitchen

1310 NW 25th St.

What Works: the food. Ceviches, chicken, beef — all tasty and all affordable.

What Needs Work: Service is friendly, but it needs more servers working lunch.

Tips: Get a table shielded from the door. On cold days, it gets gusty.

<![CDATA[Roasted rumors - A coffee shop with a reputation for snobbishness surprises with a courteous staff and irresistible java.]]>

What works: Incredibly smooth Americano, incredibly pleasant staff.

What needs work: The espresso wasn’t my cup of tea ... wait, what?

Tips: Bring a coat in the winter. It gets kind of chilly in there.

<![CDATA[Chopped - Mama Sinmi’s Chop House offers you everything but a plane ticket when it comes to West African fare. ]]> Mama Sinmi’s is an intimate dining room with a handful of tables and a sprawling mural of Africa on the wall (along with a Post-It Note imploring visitors to keep their hands off it). Order at the counter, but take your time. The menu can be daunting..]]> <![CDATA[No gyros allowed - This Mediterranean cafe leaves the gyro stereotype at the door, and off its menu.]]> Don’t tell the gyro I said this, but sometimes I don’t want a gyro. ]]> <![CDATA[House party - There’s a multitude of reasons to love The Park House at the Myriad Gardens.]]> The Park House, the much-awaited contemporary American cuisine restaurant on the eastern edge of the Myriad Botanical Gardens, opened in mid-December. Foodies and families out for fun haven’t been the same since.]]> <![CDATA[Traffic pattern - Hunger finds a delicious landing at Annie Okie's Runway Cafe with club sandwiches, hearty breakfasts and more.]]>

Annie Okie’s Runway Cafe

5915 Phillip J. Rhoads Ave.


What worked: Breakfast is strong, especially the omelets.

What needs work: The burger’s pretty boring, and the dinners seem like they’re just sandwiches without the bread.

Tips: Sit in the atrium if you want to watch the planes.

<![CDATA[Greasy spoon greatness - Sometimes a diner is just a diner. A good ol’ hole-in-the-wall can still serve up perfect breakfasts as well as burgers.]]> We have fooled ourselves, we foodie hipsters. We have bought into this idea that every hole-in-the-wall is a gem merely waiting for us to polish it. And then we can shine it in the eyes of our foodie friends and say, “Oh, you haven’t been there? I’m not surprised.” ]]> <![CDATA[On top of Ol’ Gyro - Forget the golden arches and head for the land of the Golden Fleece.]]>

Ol’ Gyro Mediterranean Cuisine

3513 N. Classen Blvd 


What works: A quick and easy lunch at a low price.

What needs work: The menu is a little thin.

Tips: Ask for extra garlic sauce — in a bucket, if possible.