OKGazette.com - Food and Drink Features http://www.okgazette.com/oklahoma/articles.sec-114-1-food-and-drink-features.html <![CDATA[It’s easy being green - Local farmers are making it easier than ever to eat fresh in OKC.]]> There was a time not too long ago when it was difficult to find out where your food came from. More specifically, we all know where food comes from, but not in the sense that we have any inkling of the person who picked the potato or carrot on our plates. It is a fairly safe assumption that quite a few people do not know what garlic looks like growing in the ground. A surprising number of Americans do not know the provenance of their food.]]> <![CDATA[Plane food - Ozzie’s Diner provides a landing spot for hungry diners with aviation on their minds.]]>

Ozzie’s Diner

1700 Lexington Ave., Norman



What works: No-frills diner food served fast and friendly.      

What needs work: Seating is slightly cramped.     

Tip: Come hungry; portions are huge.    

<![CDATA[Smooth pop - Two mobile food vendors hit the streets just in time for summer.]]> Ah, springtime in Oklahoma and the joy of eating food from a street vendor. Just in time for the warm weather, two new mobile concepts want you to chill out.]]> <![CDATA[Egg-static - Rediscover a love of eggs with creative takes on the Easter staple.]]> No single holiday has done more to ruin the reputation of eggs than Easter.]]> <![CDATA[Drinking al fresco - With warmer weather comes opportunities to enjoy libations on rooftops and in the great outdoors.]]> One of the first signs of spring every year is the increase in drinkers and diners spending beautiful afternoons and evenings on metro restaurant patios. As the number of restaurants in the metro continues to grow, so do the number of patio options, but very few provide spectacular views of the city while you enjoy your spring cocktails. Here are three hot spots worth visiting for more than just food and drinks.]]> <![CDATA[Beer and wine - Welcome spring with wines and beers fit for the season.]]> “Drink pink” is the rallying cry of spring for many wine lovers. The big reds of the fall and winter are retired in favor of lighterbodied wines for warmer weather, and the more patio-friendly the better. While white wines, especially sweeter ones, dominate the spring and summer, many wine lovers still prefer dry, red wines.]]> <![CDATA[Thai me up - For lunch or dinner, a downtown Thai restaurant delights.]]>

Thai Kitchen Cafe

327 Dean A. McGee Ave.


What works: Top-notch pad thai, excellent stir-fry dishes, fast and friendly staff.

What needs work: Parking can be a real pain, but that’s the price of eating at Thai Kitchen Cafe.

Tip: Go at dinner if you want a larger selection. But there’s plenty to love at lunch.

<![CDATA[Pure nachismo - After five years as a Tuttle favorite, Nachitos is aiming to be the next out-of-town cult eatery.]]> So many restaurateurs describe their customers as being “like family” that it is pretty easy to become cynical when hearing yet another one repeat it.]]> <![CDATA[OMG! - Restaurant owners exit Midtown and head to south OKC.]]> Some fusion restaurants result in a calamity of cuisines, but the owners of OMG! Fusion, 2142 W. Interstate 240 Service Road, are working to combine just the right elements to create some innovative dishes.]]> <![CDATA[Silk road - Remington Park restaurant delights with steak, crab cakes and desserts.]]>

Silks Restaurant at Remington Park Racing & Casino

1 Remington Place 



What works: The atmosphere. The view. The food.

What needs work: It’s a little pricey.

Tip: Keep up with the race schedule to fully enjoy the view.

<![CDATA[The Biggest Loser plans OKC casting call - ]]> <![CDATA[Crafty brews - Oklahoma breweries will show off their suds at a festival in Lawton.]]>

Red River Craft Beer Festival

5-8 p.m. April 5

Great Plains Coliseum Exposition Center

Comanche County Fairgrounds

920 SW Sheridan Road, Lawton




<![CDATA[Like the fair, but better - H&8th Night Market returns for another year.]]>

H&8th Night Market

6–10 p.m. Mar. 28, monthly through Sept.

NW Eighth Street and N. Hudson Avenue


<![CDATA[No tragedy at Othello’s - Despite sharing the name with a downer of a Shakespeare play, Othello’s in Edmond has been delighting customers for 14 years.]]>

Othello’s Italian Restaurant

One S. Broadway, Edmond


What worked: Amber’s chicken pepperoni

What needs work: Modest outer appearance and plain-looking menus.

The tip: Stop by often enough and you might find an entree named after you.

<![CDATA[Bloody Mary crawl - Everyone loves a classic Bloody Mary. Here’s where to find some wonderfully different concoctions of the famous drink.]]> The “hair of the dog that bit me” is often mumbled the next morning, after a night of excessive drinking. This age-old request for alcohol’s curative properties for a hangover is sometimes known to lessen the effects of the night before.]]> <![CDATA[Viva vegan - Mexican restaurant goes vegan, again, with pleasantly surprising results.]]>


5820 N. Classen Blvd.

What works: The jicama wraps and tacos are so good, you stop caring that they’re vegan.

What needs work: The tamales needed a little more filling and flavor. 

Tips: Juice is really more of a smoothie. The spicy green is expensive but glug-worthy.

<![CDATA[Cha Cha Cha - Korean concept brings tea, coffee and food to the masses.]]> American companies often open stores in new markets abroad. McDonald’s, anyone?]]> <![CDATA[OKG 7 eat | Grease? Onions? Yes, please. - ]]>

Legend has it that the first onion burgers were created in El Reno during the Great Depression by enterprising burger-flippers looking for ways to stretch increasingly scarce meat. That costcutting measure still lives and breathes today. While El Reno might be the home of the onion burger, there are plenty other metro eateries that offer the delightful fare.

— by Louis Fowler, photos by Mark Hancock and Shannon Cornman

<![CDATA[Claim steaked - Jamil’s Steakhouse celebrates 50 years with few changes to menu or decor.]]> At age 25, Greg Gawey had his freshly minted master’s degree in public administration and planned for a career in city government. His uncle, however, had other plans for the budding young bureaucrat.]]> <![CDATA[Chinese sizzle - Traditional cooking of the Middle Kingdom with an emphasis on fiery flavors at Ba Shu Legends.]]>

Ba Shu Legends 

1522 W. Lindsey St., Norman



What worked: Bravely un-Americanized Chinese food.    

What needs work: Lose the insipid canned easy listening music and pipe Chinese classical directly into the dining room.

The tip: The red pepper pods are finely chopped and it can take some time to pick them out of your meal.