Wednesday 23 Jul
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Topic: All Tiny Creatures

Still sound sweet

Six songs from last week to love this week

After only dropping one batch of free MP3s last week, I’ve got a backlog. Here is a six-pack of tunes that previously came my way, so I can make way for this week’s new stuff.

1.    “Drifting” — The Sound of Growing Up. Charming, ukulele-led mellow pop music. And it’s not like that one ukulele song you’re sick of hearing on the radio.
2.    “I Only Wear My Favorite Clothes at Home” — Dangerous Ponies. Enthusiastic, exuberant pop with some electronic undertones. You will sing along.
3.    “Manners” — Icona Pop. The fragments of an electronic pop song are bound together in a totally unexpected but quite endearing way.
4.    “Roulette (Edit)” — Grand Pianoramax. Also fragmented electronic music, but with rap on top of it. (pictured)
5.    “Glass Bubbles” — All Tiny Creatures. Yet more fragmented electronic music, but this time poured into a dreamy indie rock frame.
6.    “Simple Math” — Manchester Orchestra. This is a really creepy new tune from the beloved indie tunesmiths.

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All Tiny Creatures — Harbors

A blissful experience for fans of optimistic prog-rock


Stephen Carradini
I’ve been making as much racket as I can about optimistic prog-rock.
Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ponytail — Do Whatever You Want All the Time

Not as strong as other recent releases similar to it


Stephen Carradini

Having a singular vision is difficult, especially when it’s so singular that listeners don’t get it.
Tuesday, April 19, 2011