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Topic: Belfast FM

Out of school, into the pool

Ten songs for your summer-starting shindig

Although it’s (finally) raining, I’m really excited that it’s at least warm and summery rain. Here’s a mix of pool-party-friendly tunes, even if the current weather isn’t exactly on par.

OKS’ “Summer in Oklahoma Is Bearable for About as Long as This Mix” Mix (click for 67.7 MB .zip file)

1. “Breakin’” — Baby Baby. Mandatory opening track for all 2011 summer dance party mixes.
2. “New Year” — FM Belfast. You play that kitschy synth, Belfast FM. You play it real good.
3. “The Last Time You See Me” —Dan Hubbard and the Humadors. In an alternate universe, all country-rock is this vital and satisfying.
4. “Happy Banjo” — Dark Mean. In complete contrast to the band name, the indie-pop song is accurately titled.
5. “Bobby” — Butcher the Bar. What if whisper-folk got happy?
6. “The Woods” — Small Sur. What if Bon Iver got happy?
7. “If You Only Knew” — Kathryn Calder. Charming, clap-along indie pop from someone who thinks the above picture is a good idea.
8. “The Sun” — Pink Frost. Wide-eyed indie-popsters must have a drugged-out older brother.
9. “Little Furnace” — Jim Guthrie. Rare is the video-game soundtrack that can engage a Postal Service fan.
10. “The Big One” — Crushed Velvet & The Velveteers. Do you want to feel like Starsky and/or Hutch?

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