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Topic: Kids in the Kitchen

Kitchen kids

Trust me, they’ll be happy they know the basics someday.

I never really learned how to cook until after college. Unless you count eighth-grade home ec, and you really shouldn’t. That class taught me exactly two recipes: a low-rent Orange Julius knock-off and no-bake cookies.

It also taught me that being a home ec teacher to a bunch of asshole eighth-graders is probably not a cush position. During pancake day, one of my classmates replaced the maple syrup with rubber cement and presented it to our poor, trusting teacher to sample. The class was quickly canceled and the teacher retired not long after.

Hopefully, the kids signing up for the Oklahoma County OSU Extension Center’s “Kids in the Kitchen” cooking school aren’t delinquents like we were. The hands-on class, held June 21-22 at the center, 930 N. Portland, is open to kids age 9-14.

During the two-day class, kids will learn basic cooking techniques, like following recipes, how to measure and ways to make recipes healthier. They’ll also learn about nutrition and how to make some healthy snacks. Plus, the kids get to eat everything they make.

I seriously could have used this as a kid. Hell, I could still use a class like this. Dear County Extension people, please consider a “College Kids in the Kitchen” next.

“Kids in the Kitchen” is $15. Call the extension center at 713-1125 to register.
by Jenny Coon Peterson 06.16.2011 3 years ago
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