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Topic: LIVE on the Plaza


Music and islanders combine for a Friday screening at Collected Thread

This is so cool. Collected Thread will be screening “An Island” this Friday during the Plaza District’s monthly “LIVE on the Plaza.”

“An Island” is part musical performance/part documentary that follows the band Efterklang as they performed for four days on an island off the coast of Denmark. During those four days of filming, the Danish indie act worked with more than 200 local kids and musicians that makes the film as much about the people of the island as it is about the band.

Check it out:

The film will screen at 8 p.m. As far as I can tell, this is the only screening in the metro, so take advantage of it. While you’re there, be sure to check out the other “LIVE on the Plaza” events, like a special Valentine’s Day photo booth, courtesy of the SPYwagon, and a kiss cam.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 02.10.2011 3 years ago
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‘Shine’ on

Velvet Monkey celebrates its second anniversary in the Plaza District

Can we all take a moment and think about what a huge difference just a few years has made to the Plaza District? It’s been pretty amazing to watch all the new, locally owned businesses move into the neighborhood and thrive.

One of those thrivers is Velvet Monkey Salon & Vintage Boutique, which is celebrating its second anniversary in the district tonight during “Live on the Plaza.”

From 7-10 p.m., the cool salon and boutique will present “Monkey Shines,” a fashion and art show. Admission is free and will include art and jewelry from local designers and artists, along with music by DJ c.hill. At 8:30 p.m., a fashion show will strut its stuff, featuring hairstyles and fashions created by each Velvet Monkey stylist.

Other “Live on the Plaza” events for tonight include a soft opening for the restaurant/pub Saints, open houses, featured artists and music in the many shops.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 05.13.2011 3 years ago
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Plaza this

OKG7 things to do

Gazette staff
It’s time once more for the monthly “LIVE on the Plaza” event in the Plaza District, 1700 block of N.W. 16th Street.
Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Going Live

Live on the Plaza is tonight.

You guys, rejoice. After three months of living like the mole people, we can finally venture back outside without bursting into flames and/or instantly dehydrating. It’s almost like we’re living on a habitable human planet again!

So what should we do with this newfound, above-ground freedom? Party. I was hoping for a “Return of the Jedi”-style Ewok village extravaganza, but tonight’s Live on the Plaza is a close second.

This month, Live on the Plaza will feature the kick-off of The Society, a new artists’ collective (aka, a nest of hippies). The launch party will feature live music, live painting by Dusty Gilpin and Dylan Bradway, food and art vendors.

Cole Dewey Designs and Warpaint Clothing will present film screenings (of a Native American artist doc and skateboarding, respectively), while there will be open houses at the new Urban WineWorks, Wild.Flower, Collected Thread and more. And when you get hungry (living off reconstituted foodstuffs in your underground warren can get ho-hum) stop in at Saints or place an order at one of the food trucks.

Welcome back to society, friends.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 08.12.2011 3 years ago
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Chill out

Winter’s cold fury might scare the weak at heart, but that doesn’t mean the metro calendar hibernates into spring.


Charles Martin
For those already suffering from winter’s cabin fever, plenty of opportunities await to keep you venturing outdoors.
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Plaza, sweet

The 16th Street Plaza District makes a historic resurrection.


Peter Wright
After decades of neglect and disrepair, the 16th Street Plaza District is in the midst of a full-fledged resurgence.
Wednesday, April 4, 2012