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Topic: Sarah Stinson

Sarah Stinson

Sarah Stinson

Delightful and funny, Sarah Stinson, 23, is a hostess at Nonna’s in Bricktown. Moving here from Grand Prairie, Texas, in 2003, her father was in the military. Her two pets, Lil’ Bit and Bella, are both smart dogs.

How you got your job: “My boyfriend and I were walking through Bricktown picking up applications. He got me one from Nonna’s; I filled it out and Nonna’s gave me a call, and I was my smiling sweet self for the interview, although they thought I was a bit overqualified.”

Future plans: “I want to climb the ladder. I am going into training soon to become a server.”

When you were laid off, it never crossed your mind: “That I would work in a restaurant.”

Real talent: “I am a painter and went to Oklahoma City Community College to study and have been painting since I could hold a pencil. I do cubism and realism.”

Kinda look like: “Kat Von D, but without the tattoos.”

Take an out-of-towner: “To Nonna’s, of course, and around Bricktown — that has so much to see.”

Won’t touch: “Mushrooms; I like the flavor, but not the slimy texture.”

Would kill for: “A hot fudge sundae.”

People don’t know that you are: “A closet gamer — it takes away the tension.”

Pet peeve: “People who chew with their mouths open.”

Come back as: “Myself."

Best thing you did in 2011: “Got a job.”

Silliest questions you’ve been asked as a hostess: “One man asked. ‘Does your elevator go down to the canal?’ And a lady called and wanted to celebrate her birthday at Nonna’s, but couldn’t believe that we didn’t serve cat fries. She said she just ‘slaps ‘em on the grill'.”

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