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OKS MPFree vol. 2

Pop, dance, rock and uncategorizable stuff!

So, about those MP3s I promised? I’m going to be posting six a day until we get caught up from our downtime. It could take a while, but that’s just more happiness for your ears! Here’s today’s six-pack.

1. “Free the Pterodactyl 3” — Hot Club de Paris. Interlocking guitar lines, British accents, pop hooks and wild ambition drive this brilliant tune.

2. “Bury Us Alive” — Starfucker. Aka the marginally more marquee-friendly STRFKR. This jubilant dance-rock track builds and falls in all the right places, including the enormously entertaining chorus.

3. “Into the Labyrinth” — Kraddy. Self-described as “Led Zeppelin 3000,” this electronic artist is currently blowing my mind with his bottom-heavy beats, erratic but still-groove heavy rhythm, and unique sounds.

4. “Eager for Your Love” — Tristen. Timeless, infectious, moody pop sung by a young female in a clear, unadorned style. What’s not to love?

5. “Kill the Killjoy” — The Disciplines. If the members of Jimmy Eat World snarled a bit more, they could have written this mature pop/rock gem.

6. “Billy Cruz” — Metal Mother. A less confrontational and more melodic M.I.A. would wholly approve of the Africa-by-way-of-a-thumping-beat sound of Metal Mother.


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Music Video Monday: Get up offa that thing

Featuring a rapper/attorney leading jumping jacks

These videos were designed to make you move. One  refuses to go to sleep, one has swordfights in it and a third is chock-full of people doing jumping jacks. Read on for more sweating.

Arkansas rapper/attorney MC Spookytooth dropped this video for “Healthification,” which is the theme song for Mercy Hospitals’ part in National Employee Health and Fitness Day. There has never been anything like this video ever before. That's not necessarily a recommendation:

The video for FM Belfast’s gleeful electro-pop cut “I Don´t Want to Go to Sleep Either” is just as enthusiastic and repeatable as the song itself. I’ve watched/heard this at least a dozen times:

Portland dance-pop band Starfucker’s “Julius” clip is an excellent rumination on childhood imagination:

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