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Topic: Sweet Thing

Rocky road

Rocky Votolato and Matt Pond PA play The Conservatory tonight

Acoustic singer/songwriter Rocky Votolato, whom we covered last time he was in town and in 2007, is playing The Conservatory tonight. He’s bringing acoustic-based band Matt Pond PA, which is still one of the most awkward names for a band ever. The “PA” probably stands for Pennsylvania, as the band is from PA; Matt Pond is their songwriter.

Because both of these acts are awesome, here are two music videos to convince you to go. (I’ve been on a music videos kick lately, it seems.)

While you’re here, grab these MP3s:

“Barracudas” — The Devil Whale. It’s The Hold Steady’s enthusiastic, blue-collar rock ’n’ roll plus some soul and a dude who can actually sing. Rad.
“Change of Season” — Sweet Thing. Urgent melodies, brilliant background vocals and an easy swagger add up to an excellent pop song.
“Paint Your Lips” — Wake Up Lucid. I checked my watch when I was listening to this rock song, and it said 1973.

by Stephen Carradini 03.02.2011 3 years ago
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Spring has sprung!

So here are some videos about it.

So it seems that spring has finally sprung. Here’s a batch of upbeat music videos to watch once the sun has gone down to remind yourself of how awesome the next day of warm goodness is going to be.

Katie Costello’s “Cassette Tape” is a sunshiny pop track with a too-cute video made of paper cutouts. Yep: Etsy-tastic.

Sweet Thing’s “Change of Seasons” is too timely to not mention. And the song rocks. And the video features swimsuits, blow-up instruments, hula hoops and a massive block party. Yes, yes, yes.

Tiny Animals’ “Wait for Me” combines live action and what look like life-size cutouts (although they could be digital) in the vid for the electro-pop tune. Take that, Katie Costello!

And finally, Megafaun’s video for “Carolina Days” is absolutely hilarious. Just watch it. I won’t even try to explain it.

by Stephen Carradini 04.01.2011 3 years ago
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