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VOTD: People, People do The VDub Sessions

People, People get ready, for the van’s a-comin’

Stillwater dudes People, People spread their flannel blankets over their drum skins for a muted, intimate show inside the ol’ VDub Vanagon with videographer Nathan Poppe for the latest episode of “The VDub Sessions.” Titled “Golden Rust,” the song’s new and lovely. Everybody involved gets bonus points for riding around in that AC-less heat trap.

by Matt Carney 08.03.2011 2 years ago
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Slug bug! Oh, sorry. We were just admiring all the classic, vintage and new Volkswagens set to show at the second annual Dub the Plaza car show. The event also commemorates the anniversary of the music video series VDub Sessions, with live performances from Okie favorites Taddy Porter and Tallows. See for yourself from 5 to 10 p.m. Saturday in the Plaza District, NW 16th Street between Pennsylvania and Classen avenues. Admission is free. Visit


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