Friday 25 Jul
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Topic: We Were the States

Magnificent seven

More free tunes for you to love

 It’s been a while since I dropped any MP3s on here, so I’ve got a larger-than-usual amount stacked up. Enjoy.

1.    “Tokyo” — California Wives. Four dudes, for whatever reason, play crisp pop with just enough dreaminess.
2.    “Cannons” — Little Scream. Epic-leaning, female-fronted indie rock.
3.    “Bitter Suite (Fear)” — Anti-Social Music. A chamber quartet, a guitarist, a female vocalist and a whole lot of confidence to pull it off.
4.    “Easy Peasy” — Ponytail. More happy prog rock!
5.    “Random Words” — Some Community. Charming Brazilian indie pop with attitude.
6.    “Hot Waves” — We Were the States. Raise your fist and/or your beer, and sing along to this. It’s like The National, only amped up. (pictured)
7.    “Begs Me Not to Beg” — Brass Bed. The Beatles plus more distorted guitars.

by Stephen Carradini 03.24.2011 3 years ago
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