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Topic: World War I

Zep’s on tour!

The aeronautical contraption takes to the metro skies.

OK, so I’m reading a really fun series right now that is basically a steampunk re-imagining of World War I. The “Leviathan” series is just as cool as it sounds and involves fleets of massive airships/Zeppelins/flying whale-beasties. (And the final book comes out in two weeks — yay!)

Just in time for my “Leviathan” love, the Farmers Airship is floating into Oklahoma City this weekend.

The airship is a Zeppelin, which is different than a blimp in that it has an internal framework. It’s one of only two Zeppelins flying in the world and it’s massive — 246 feet long (that’s longer than a Boeing 747). The airship can carry 12 passengers and offers views from every large window (including one from the bathroom), plus a 180-degree rear observation window dubbed the “love seat.”

The Zeppelin will dock at Wiley Post Airport and offer public flights Sept. 10 and 11. There are 30-minute sight-seeing flights or longer sunset flights available, plus charters. Check out the website for reservation info.

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