Wednesday 30 Jul
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Topic: beans and leaves

Gourmet grinds

Forget that stuff in the foam cup. Opt for gourmet coffee instead.

Food and Drink Features

Shawn Lealos
When most people think about drinking coffee, a hot cup straight out of the pot comes to mind. It’s a pick-me-up to get the day started right, but it is an acquired taste. For people who generally dislike the taste, there is an alternative in the form of gourmet coffee.
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Freshly brewed community

In an effort to revitalize N.W. 39th Street, Beans and Leaves proves to be more than just a coffee shop.


Louis Fowler
Once-beleaguered historic areas such as the Paseo and the Plaza District have evolved from mere Oklahoma City neighborhoods into centers of art, culture and community.
Wednesday, May 15, 2013