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Topic: food and drink reviews

Hoagie heaven

Hobby’s may not have invented the sandwich concept, but it has taken meat and bread to a whole new level.

Restaurant Reviews

Greg Elwell
 Hobby's Hoagie

325 N. Walker


What works: The cheesesteak and Special Italian are shining paragons of sandwich-hood.

What needs work: Ambiance, maybe? It’s pretty bare bones in there.

Tips: Lean forward. The bread can’t hold those wonderful sandwich juices at an angle, so physics and your dry cleaner dictate you keep it over the table.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OKG 7 buffets to get your grub on

Which way to the buffet?

OKG7 Dining

Jenn Scott
“Buffet” easily translates to “buff-yay!” Maybe your appetite is insatiable. Maybe you just like a little variety. Take your family and friends to a place where they can get exactly what they want. Here’s to happy plates all around!
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Southern special

Bring your appetite and your non-vegetarian friends for a meal full of comforts and carbs.

Restaurant Reviews

Christina Nihira
Red’s Southern Diner
840 W. Danforth, Edmond

What works:
anything fried, creamed corn
What doesn’t work:
wimpy salad
Biscuits and creamed corn complete the meal.
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Have a Cow

A quirky Edmond eatery serves up juicy burgers with a rustic flare.

Restaurant Reviews

Stephanie Bice
The Cow Calf-Hay
3409 Wynn Drive, Edmond

What works:
great family-friendly atmosphere
What needs work:
more signage (It's tucked away and somewhat hard to find.)
Try the Western BBQ Burger.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012