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Bite Size: March 28, 2012

Bite Size

Carol Smaglinski
Eat out, help out

Through March, participate in Dine Out, Help Out at participating restaurants.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Like a rock

Food and Drink Features

Greg Horton
After being badly damaged in a May 30 fire, Redrock Canyon Grill is scheduled to reopen in mid-October.
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Show me The Greens

Food and Drink Features

Greg Horton
The Greens Country Club, 13100 Green Valley Drive, and local entrepreneur Clarke Harris are sponsoring an end-of-summer beach party to raise money for the Oklahoma chapter of the Make- A-Wish Foundation.
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pizza pyre

Food and Drink Features

Greg Horton
In the wake of a Sept. 27 fire that badly damaged the Hideaway Pizza at 6616 N. Western, company officials plan to rebuild as soon as possible.
Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What’s in a name?

Two restaurants go to battle over which one is the real Custino’s.

Food and Drink Features

Greg Horton
An Oklahoma County judge must decide if Oklahoma City is to be home to two Italian restaurants bearing the name Custino’s.
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lee Bennett

Chow Chat

Currently executive chef at Iguana Mexican Grill at 9 N.W. 9th Street, Lee Bennett has cooked at Lucille’s in Mulhall, and the now-closed Trattoria il Centro, among others. Each working day, the Oklahoma-born chef can’t wait to get back into the Iguana kitchen and come up with more creative ideas.

Family: “I am single, with three children who are Vincent, 19, Allyssa, 18, and Kayla, 3.

Friends say you look like: “Kadeem Hardison or Denzel Washington.”

Food I would never eat: “Brains.”

But would kill for: “My mom’s, Anna Bennett, chicken soup and corn bread; comfort food.”

The moment you decided to become a chef: “I was in California and got a job at a country club as a dishwasher. When they shut down for a remodel, I spoke to the chef, and he worked me in and it’s been history ever since.”

Listen to music: “On Pandora, a rhythm and blues station. I love Earth, Wind and Fire and love jazz.”

Most people don’t know: “I was once a Boy Scout.”

Your hero: “My dad, Otis Bennett.”

Favorite kitchen gadget: “Our over-sized chopper. Actually, an over-sized food processor that can hold 20 pounds of beef that we can grind into hamburger.”

Culinary star you would love to meet: “Gordon Ramsey.”

You die and come back as: “Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder.”

A perfect date: “Dinner at Stella’s. For comfort food, Mama E’s.”

Dating tip: “Be a true gentleman and you will win her heart. Treat her like a queen.”

Smart thing you did to land a job: “I just put myself out there.”

Best advice from your boss: “Robert Painter forced me out of the kitchen to walk the floor and got me out of my comfort zone.”

Just love your: “Black leather trench coat that drops down about 6 to 8 inches above the floor.”

Hidden talent: “No, I only sing in the shower.”

What I wish I knew five years ago: “What Oklahoma City was going to be. I’d have put in a restaurant of my own.”

Funny kitchen happening: “[Year ago] to clean a deep fat fryer, I drained the fat, filled the fryer with water, added dishwashing soap and turned it on. About 15 minutes later, the whole room was filled with soapsuds with everybody laughing. I have a lot of funny happenings.”

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Overdue books

Food and Drink Features

Alyssa Grimley
The Facebook pages for The Library Food and Spirits and The Nook bore a poignant message early last week: the news that it was closing its downtown location after 23 years of service.
Tuesday, April 2, 2013