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Like a song

Karaoke brings out the singer in all of us. Yes, even those who can’t carry a tune.


Kathy Wheeler
Karaoke (kar-ee-oh-kee): It’s a noun that means the act of singing along to a music video that comes from the Japanese kara, meaning “empty,” and oke, meaning “orchestra,” according to the Random House Dictionary. That definition doesn’t state if that act is made better or worse by musical ability.
Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nancy Kitko

Nancy Kitko, owner of Nancy’s 57th Street Lighthouse at 5708 N. May, grew up in Pennsylvania. Boss of more than 25 employees, she has regulars who stop by night after night.

What do you wish you knew five years ago: “How hard a bar was. I am a caterer first and do what people want me to do; but if a bar owner did that, they would go to jail.”

You look like: “Annie Potts, and years ago, like Melanie Griffith when I had long hair.”

Most difficult: “Owning a bar.”

A favorite thing to do: “Spend time with my family. My husband is Ray, and my children are Ryan, Allen and Jamie Lippoldt.”

Where did you meet Ray: “In a chat room on the Internet in the late '90s.”

Signature dish at Nancy’s: “Reuben sandwich.”

A nice recent happening: “After the Thunder beat the Spurs, I got up on the microphone and said, 'The Spurs’ losing streak starts now!'”

You would never eat: “Sushi.”

But love: “Anything with tomatoes.”

Fav cookbook of your collection of 250: “Betty Crocker, but now the Internet.”

Essential in the kitchen: “Good teamwork between workers.”

Hidden talent: “Played flute and basketball in college, but was horrible. I am a very good listener, and I can hear what you don’t say.”

Most unusual catering happening: “Surprised a bride and groom with Whataburger in the center of the table. That was what they really wanted instead of the eclectic menu. Anyone who was at that wedding 12 years ago still talks about it.”

Come back as: “Bette Midler.”

A song that describes your life: “'You Are My Sunshine.'”

Unusual catering request: “Food for 300 in two hours. We did it.”
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