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Earth Day, y’all!

The City of OKC is hosting green events

Show of hands: Who recycles?

Not to be a Lecturing Liza or anything, but there is no excuse for not recycling. Seriously. I once worked with a guy who said it was much too hard on his dainty hands to crush pop cans, so he tossed everything in the break room trash. Yeah, that’s what we’d call a crap excuse.

The 41st annual Earth Day is next Friday, and it’s a great time to look at what we’re each doing to make this planet a better place to live. That not only means recycling, but also using less energy, being kind to the environment and basically taking a second to think about others. I could go on about the type of people who aren’t good stewards of the planet, but I’m going to keep this positive.

So! Earth Day!

Through the month of April, the City of Oklahoma City has offered planet-friendly activities, and things ramp up this week in preparation for Earth Day. This Thursday, the city will lead a free downtown nature hike. The hike steps off at noon on the east steps of City Hall and will lead participants around downtown for 45 minutes. Register by calling 297-2578.

On Saturday, Martin Park Nature Center is hosting EarthFest, a free festival of crafts, seminars and even an alternative-fuel car show. Kids are encouraged to bring pop cans to stomp, as long as their feet aren’t too dainty. The festival runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

On April 22 — actual Earth Day — the city is offering free rides on Metro Transit to try out alternative modes of transportation. Plus, visitors to the Downtown Transit Center get a free reusable shopping tote.

For more on green services, visit the city’s

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Working for the weekend

Have you planned your long Fourth of July weekend yet?

Friends! We have less than two days of work before the long holiday weekend. I’m tempted to ask for an “Amen!” here, but I’ll refrain.

So, who’s got plans? And can I crash them? I’m considering spending the long weekend holed up indoors watching a marathon of “Parks and Recreation” — it’d be a nice palate cleanser after finishing (the very good) “Game of Thrones.” (Reason No. 1 for needing a palate cleanser? Wading through HBO’s annoying formula of tossing boobs into every show whether the plot and/or scene warrants it or not.)

The “Parks and Rec” marathon idea sounds especially fun after watching this hilarious gag reel (please be advised that it’s NSFW unless you turn the volume way down or work here with me at the Gazette):

But you’re not all would-be recluses with a penchant for salty language. And some of these Fourth of July events are tempting even me to crawl out from my TV-lit hidey-hole.

First up, a guided evening hike to search for fireflies. Martin Park Nature Center is leading the hike — called Ma Nature’s Fireworks — this Sunday. The hike sets off at 8 p.m., and registration is limited (and $2). Led by former park naturalist and all-around smart guy Neil Garrison, the tour will teach about the biology of fireflies while the hikers keep an eye out for the glowing beasties.

That sounds perfect, right? I may just have to borrow someone’s kid so I can attend without looking like a creeper. Call 755-0676 for more info or to register.

The following day (that’d be July 4, for those playing at home), the Crystal Bridge at the newly renovated Myriad Botanical Gardens will offer free admission. This is a great opportunity to explore both the gardens and the tropical conservatory, which both got a major face-lift.
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Free at last!

Let’s face the facts: You are a cheap date.


Christina Nihira
You could spend a lot of money in the metro on cool dates. But you don’t have to, with scores of spots in more than 600 square miles of sprawl.
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finding common ground

Flooding concerns, an alleged lack of transparency and the potential for harm to wildlife didn’t deter passage of a proposal to add new trails and structures at Martin Park Nature Center.


Tim Farley
The Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Commission voted unanimously last week to approve a proposal by nonprofit group Wilderness Matters, Inc., which seeks to add handicapped-accessible trails and other structures to the park at 5000 W. Memorial. The issue moves to the Oklahoma City Council for consideration in January.
Wednesday, December 26, 2012