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Rise and shine

New artists showcase their work at Mainsite Contemporary Art


Charles Martin
Emergent Artists 2010
Wed.-Sat., through Feb. 5
Mainsite Contemporary Art
112 E. Main, Norman 292-8095
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

12 Years a Slave

Steve McQueen's emotionally jarring biopic depicts slavery in a way that few, if any, have ever dared.


Zach Hale
Slavery was a dark and shameful time in American history — unequivocally the darkest. Yet while the era has been portrayed on the silver screen in countless films, director Steve McQueen (ShameHunger) presents it with unprecedented realism in 12 Years a Slave — one of the most profoundly gut-wrenching, visceral works of 21st-century cinema you're bound to encounter.
Friday, November 8, 2013