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Drink up!

Harkins’ annual loyalty cup and shirt have arrived.

I have a tiny bladder, so I almost never indulge in a drink at the movies. Unlike people who go there to text and talk, I go there to watch, so I hate to leave even for a minute.

But those who prefer a carbonated beverage with their cinema should know that Harkins Theatres’ 2012 loyalty cup and T-shirts are now available. Buy a cup for $4.75 and through Dec. 31, 2012, you can get it refilled for only $1 on each trip to the concession stand.

Hungry? Then plunk down $25 for the T-shirt, which gets you a free medium popcorn each time you visit Harkins Bricktown Cinemas 16, 150 E. Reno.  

This year’s design features recognizable characters from blockbuster movies, including those that haven’t even come out yet, like “The Hunger Games.” —Rod Lott

by Rod Lott 12.06.2011 2 years ago
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