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Topic: the little match girl

Enter stage left

Acting classes bring out your inner drama queen.

In first grade, I made the entire class stop and watch me interpretive dance to “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow,” with vocals provided by my best friend. We then finished up the performance by doing a waltz. I’m going to go ahead and assume everyone was awed by our raw talent.

I would have leapt (probably literally while in stage makeup and wearing a sequined tiger costume) at the chance to take acting classes. And now your rambunctious, overly dramatic children can do the same at Oklahoma Children’s Theatre’s fall classes.

The classes are broken up by age, and cover all aspects of staging a production. It all culminates in a play, which, let’s be honest, is probably what those little drama queens are in it for. (I say that as a former drama queen.)

The Theatre 1 class, for ages 5-7, starts this Thursday and will stage “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” The Theatre 2 class, for 8-12-year-olds, also starts this Thursday and will stage “The Little Match Girl.” Both classes are each Thursday after school and run through early December.

Call 606-7003 to enroll.

Instead of pulling a Pedobear-approved move and trying to pass as a preteen for the kids’ classes, there are now acting classes for young adults put on by Reduxion Theatre Company.

There are four classes being offered by Reduxion this fall, but they start this week, so get on it if you’re interested. All classes are open to students aged 15-23. Acting Shakespeare is held Monday or Wednesday through October, and there’s also a class in Shakespearian voice (Tuesdays) and stage combat (Saturdays). Stage combat!

Email for more info.
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