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’Tin man

A classic cartoon character, without the creepy-eyed look of motion-capture technology.

Because Steven Spielberg’s first animated film as director, “The Adventures of Tintin,” doesn’t open until Dec. 21, you still have ample chance to arm yourself with answers to the sure-to-be-asked question of, “What the hell is a Tintin?”

Huge in Europe (like, 350 million copies huge), Tintin is a classic comic-book character, created by Belgian artist Georges Rémi in 1929, and reprints are readily available for purchase. Movies and cartoons have been made before of the young investigative reporter, too, but American audiences will find them tough to locate.  

Except for the “The Adventures Of Tintin”  animated series of the 1990s, come Nov. 22. On that day, Shout! Factory will release the show’s first season on a double-disc DVD.

Until then, enjoy this colorful, advance look of Conan O’Brien, Boy Detective — er, Tintin. I meant Tintin. —Rod Lott

by Rod Lott 11.11.2011 2 years ago
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