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Wine and dine

Trattoria il Centro hosts a five-course wine dinner

Let’s play “How is Jenny embarrassing herself today?” It’s a fun game, and one that I can play surprisingly often.

So, the first time I ate at the lovely and delicious Trattoria il Centro, I ordered the Italian chopped salad. Avocado, Gorgonzola, tomato and onion all hanging out together in one salad. Heaven, right? Here’s the thing about Trat’s chopped salad: It comes out shaped into a tower. Seriously, a tower of salad all held together by the (tasty) sweet basil vinaigrette.

I took one look at the salad, panicked and inexplicably dug my fork into the side, toppling the creation and making a mess and an ass of myself.

But no matter how the confounding salad arrives at the table, it’s delicious, as is everything I’ve tried on Trat’s menu. And lucky us, the Italian eatery is hosting its first five-course wine dinner at 6:30 p.m. next Tuesday, March 8.

The dinner will feature five dishes paired with complementary wines from Tommasi Estate & Vineyards, an Italian winery. Seating for the dinner is limited, so call Trattoria at 601-5858 to reserve your spot.

photo/Marianne Pickens

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