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Music-grams to my ears

In eighth grade, I signed up with a couple of friends in choir to perform singing telegrams for Valentine's Day.

We presented the (un)lucky recipient with a red carnation " a carnation! The Walmart of flowers " and then sang "Love Me Do" by The Beatles. "Sang" is probably too generous a term for what came out of my nearly tone-deaf mouth " something like "yowl" or "screech" is more apt. For this, I apologize. It got me out of math class, which to eighth-grade Jenny was equivalent to the birth of Christ in terms of life's blessings.

Luckily, this festive holiday program from the Oklahoma City Philharmonic seems to be just a tad more professional. The Phil is presenting "music-grams" " 10-12-minute mini-concerts by a Phil musician who will show up to play Christmas music for your friend or loved one at their home or office. How lovely!

The music-grams are only available from Dec. 15-17, and registration is only open through Thursday, so check them out online to sign up soon. At just $50, this is a really great fundraiser for the Phil. 
by Jenny Coon Peterson 12.08.2010 3 years ago
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Make a Date

So, this past weekend, I took a friend on a holiday ornament shopping excursion (read: Christmas death march). First up, we met another friend at the wonder that is North Pole City.

It was the first time for both of them (NPC virgins), while I've been around the block a few times, and they were duly frightened/overwhelmed/in awe of the sensory overload and just plain awesomeness of this Christmas store.

Since I was driving, my friend had no way to escape when I announced I also wanted to pop in to Mockingbird Manor (look for a rundown of the ornaments available there in this week's ShopGirl) and A Date with Iris.

I had planned to simply scoop up a handful of the most adorable acorn ornaments ever created (I think there was a study on their adorableness and everything) when " like a magpie " I saw something shiny. And you can't ignore the shiny. A Date with Iris is hosting a Mango Tree jewelry trunk show.

Jeweler Annah Chakola Ramsey has some seriously great jewelry in right now, including an exclusive to A Date with Iris. It's called The Snake, and it's a truly exotic piece of jewelry that can be shaped into a belt, headband, necklace, whatever. Using memory wire and metal casings, Annah creates a pliable and infinitely shapeable loop of brushed gold or silver. So cool.

Annah's jewelry and The Snake will be available at A Date with Iris through Christmas.
by Jenny Coon Peterson 12.08.2010 3 years ago
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Gifting good

Who's already stressed out from holiday shopping? I haven't even really started, yet the thought of trying to track down something suitably batty for my dear mother (radish earrings, maybe?) has me in a cold sweat.

Take a deep breath (and maybe a shot or two of tequila) and consider forgetting that list. Even for just a minute.

On a Whim is spreading holiday cheer to more than just its customers. Now through Dec. 15, the Classen Curve boutique is accepting children's toys through a partnership with the Children's Hospital Foundation.

Bring in a kids' toy, and you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of five $100 gift certificates (that's a whole lot of radish earrings " although I somehow doubt the upscale and adorable On a Whim is peddling veggies-as-jewelry). The toys will be delivered to the children at The Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center on Dec. 22.

In the Paseo, the newly reopened Sauced is running a can drive through the month of December to benefit the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Bring in a canned food item, get 50 percent off a slice of pizza. Bring in three cans, get 50 percent off a whole pizza. Delicious.
by Jenny Coon Peterson 12.03.2010 3 years ago
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Wednesday on Western

Western Avenue, one of my favorite shopping areas in the metro, is kicking off December with a holiday open house tonight.

Shops along the street will stay open late (many until 8 p.m.), and many will offer treats and deals. The district runs from N.W. 36th north to Wilshire and includes all the great new shops in the Classen Curve development.

Here are just a few of the goodies to look out for:
by Jenny Coon Peterson 12.02.2010 3 years ago
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Thanks giving

A gaggle of adorable, conscientious preschoolers are heading to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma with a tasty donation.

Children at Primrose School in Edmond competed with kids from other Primrose Schools nationwide to collect canned goods that will help hungry families celebrate Thanksgiving. The kids will drop off their donation tomorrow during a field trip to the Regional Food Bank.

These kids should give us all a push in the donation direction during this time of year. While we're gearing up to stuff down as much turkey as we can handle (or, I guess, tofurkey, in my case), there are Oklahoma families going without. The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma has worked to put food on the tables of hungry Oklahomans since 1980, so far distributing more than 375 million pounds of food.

You can donate to the Regional Food Bank online (and consider this: A gift of $250 feeds a family of four for a full month) or volunteer time " either way, you're making a difference and helping those less fortunate. And I'm pretty sure that's one of the messages of Thanksgiving.

(Another message, at least according to the glorious Joss Whedon: Thanksgiving is a time when one of the released spirits of massacred American Indians will take vengeance by turning into a bear.)

by Jenny Coon Peterson 11.19.2010 3 years ago
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Western holidays

On Thursday, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum will host "Small Works, Great Wonders," an evening of art and shopping.

The event starts at 5 p.m. with an open house and holiday sale at the Museum Store, including a trunk show from jeweler Rocki Gorman. The evening continues with an art preview and reception followed by an art sale. The art featured at the event includes painting and sculpture by artists who have shown in the museum's "Prix de West" show.

Hors d'oeuvres and drinks are courtesy of Deep Fork Grill, Ranch Steakhouse, Republic National Distributing and more.

Tickets to the event are $75 for nonmembers, $60 for members.

above "Low Visibility," which showed at "Prix de West."

by Jenny Coon Peterson 11.17.2010 3 years ago
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How to spend your last day on Earth

Friday’s gonna be great (Rebecca Black not included)

Not to be outdone by Culture Chic, here are some musical suggestions for your last ever Friday on the planet / last weekend before the rumored massive, doomy tribulation.

I’ve already pimped the Third Eye Blind show at Diamond Ballroom on Friday, but I didn’t mention the opener, who I’m actually just as excited about. U.S. Royalty’s pastoral folk doesn’t seem to be an immediate fit, but the two bands’ upbeat vibes are the same. I reviewed U.S. Royalty’s CD earlier this year, and it’s still as good as it was then. Definitely a double bill worth catching.

Hadden Sayers, a bluesman with heavy doses of folk and rock in him, will be stopping at The Blue Door in support of his latest album, “Hard Dollar.”

And hometown heroes Red City Radio (pictured) will be swinging through The Conservatory with their manic pop-punk Friday. If you’ve never seen the band, you’re in the wrong. Just do it. If you’d like 250 more words telling you why you should be at this sure-to-be-awesome show, read my review of their “The Dangers of Standing Still” CD. —Stephen Carradini
by Stephen Carradini 05.20.2011 3 years ago
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The final countdown

We're just a few days away

There are five stages of grief. I am still in Stage 1: denial.

“No, I’m fine. Really! I’m nothing but excited for this final ‘Harry Potter’ movie, ‘Deathly Hallows: Part 2,’ that will close out more than a decade of being a Potterphile.”

So, until I move on to Stage 2 — anger — at approximately 2:30 a.m. Friday, let’s celebrate this final week of having new “Potter.” The photo up in the corner should get everyone in the celebratory mood. You guys, that is Neville Longbottom (aka Matt Lewis). No, I’m not kidding. Chubby-cheeked, buck-toothed Neville has grown up. You’re welcome. (And who else wants to join me in taking up herbology as a pastime?)

Harkins Bricktown Cinemas is hosting a whole week of “Harry” in the lead-up to Thursday’s midnight premiere. Here’s how it works: Each day, starting today, Harkins is showing two “Potter” movies. It starts with “Sorcerer’s Stone” at 7 p.m. this evening and finishes up at 10 p.m. Wednesday with “Half-Blood Prince.”

Marathoners will get two free small popcorns, a free 2011 Loyalty Cup (similar to the Tri-Wizard Cup except probably not a portkey that leads to a graveyard, Wormtail and — if you’re a future sparkly vampire — death), and a bag o’ swag.

These are package tickets, and there aren’t very many left, so if you’re in for the marathon, run over to Harkins immediately. Really, leave right now. Try apparating.

With or without the marathon (I’m doing one from the comfort of my own couch), there are still three full days until you can go jump in line for the midnight premiere. You can stare at  Lewis and contemplate all the movie roles you’d like to see him in, or you can take a break Wednesday and attempt my super-hard “Harry Potter” quiz that’ll be online.

Start studying now for the quiz — it’ll post Wednesday as part of our “Harry Potter” cover story — because I was not effing around when I came up with the questions. One winner will take home glory and a $25 gift card to any of the Western Concepts metro restaurants.

For younger HP fans, Science Museum Oklahoma is doing its final Bright Night of Harry Potter on July 15. The overnight adventure includes lots of fun events for kids — wand-making, wizard duels and more — and will take kids to Cinemark Tinseltown for the movie’s premiere.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 07.11.2011 3 years ago
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We have a winner

One Harry Potter fan is going to eat well this weekend

But first, a bonus question a friend asked me a few days ago: In “Sorcerer’s Stone,” Dumbledore tells Harry he has a helpful scar on his knee. What is it in the shape of?

So, the quiz. Most people scored between 15 and 18 points — that makes you all N.E.W.T. grads. We did have a couple Muggles (ahem, Rod Lott), but I felt a lot of HP love when grading your quizzes.

Two questions in particular seemed to trip up a lot of people. First, J.K. Rowling’s middle name. She actually doesn’t have one. She added her grandmother’s name (Kathleen) because her publishers were afraid boys wouldn’t want to read a book by a woman — hence the initials. The second question that impedimented prospective winners was the first to be petrified in “Chamber of Secrets.” I have to admit, this was the only question in the quiz in which I had wrong too. Like a lot of you, I thought Justin Finch-Fletchley was the first student to encounter the basilisk, but it was camera-toting Colin Creevey.

A big surprise for me was the fact that every single person answered correctly to the question about Lovegood’s magazine (The Quibbler, FYI) — there must be a lot of Luna lovers out there.

Some stray observations:

-I saw some really creative ways to spell Neville.

-Ireland won the Quidditch World Cup, but Bulgarian Seeker Victor Krum caught the Snitch (which won the Weasley twins quite a bit of money).

-A couple people added “cupboard under the stairs” to Harry’s address. Awwww!

-A lot of people thought Harry’s b-day was July 19 or Aug. 19. I have no idea why. It’s July 31, same of J.K. Rowling.

-The other Chosen One? I saw Draco, Voldemort and, sadly, an Edward. I’m sorry, no sparkly vampire would ever be a Chosen One.

-Charlie seems to be the forgotten Weasley. My cat Charlie would be so sad to learn this.

-J.K. Rowling said for years that “scar” would be the last word of the series (she ended up going with “well”), but you guys had some creative last words: Died, bang (love this one — can you imagine … “Harry was happy. All was-BANG!”), over, love (a popular choice) and from Mr. Lott, a word that starts with F and ends with uck.

Now, the winner: Congrats to Callie Ferguson, who answered all 20 questions correctly (one of only two to achieve that)!

And that answer to the bonus question above? Dumbledore’s scar is in the shape of the London Underground.

That’s it, friends. “Harry Potter” is now officially over. (Unless Jo fulfills all my dreams by penning a Marauders Era series.) But, I’m going to end on a sappy note and a quote from Rowling herself at the London premiere:

“Whether you come back by film or by page, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

by Jenny Coon Peterson 07.22.2011 3 years ago
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The Giving Tree

Tree & Leaf turns 5, but you get the presents.

It’s been a good five years for local designers/screen printers Tree & Leaf. From their Oklahoma tees to collaborations with The Spy, Daily Thunder and even The Lost Ogle, it has pretty much cornered the market in the metro (like a more benign J.P. Morgan).

And now, Tree & Leaf is celebrating its larger space with an open house Saturday at its shiny new retail/design/printing shop, 8405 N. Rockwell. The event kicks off at 7 p.m. with food from Odelay, beer from Coop, music and free T-shirts that will be printed on the spot for partygoers. And it’s all free.

Go check them out, and get there early to snag a tee.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 07.28.2011 3 years ago
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