Thursday 31 Jul


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Topic: legislature

Mane issue

The slaughter of horses and consumption of horse meat are at the center of a fierce legislative battle.


Greg Horton
Supporters and opponents of legislation to allow horse slaughter in Oklahoma agree on exactly one thing: Horses should not be slaughtered in Mexico.
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Agenda agitation


Gazette staff
UPDATE: The anti-Agenda 21 bill passed the state House and is headed to the Senate.

Conspiracy-minded Oklahomans soon may be free to remove their tinfoil hats! House Bill 1412, a measure designed to protect the state from the United Nations’ insidious Agenda 21 sustainability initiative, has passed its first legislative hurdle.
Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Correction needed for correctional officers


Sean Wallace
Are you willing to supervise as many as 200 inmates by yourself? To assess and react appropriately to extremely violent situations such as rapes, suicides and stabbings? To work with inmates who have communicable diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis or hepatitis?
Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lottery limbo

With the lottery’s future uncertain, Oklahoma lottery officials scramble for ways to increase the games’ popularity and help schools statewide.


Peter Wright
When the Oklahoma Lottery’s first instant ticket was sold in October 2005, the odds were that the numbers underneath the scratch-off film would be worthless to whoever bought it. Yet the dollar exchanged for that card was intended to be the first of millions raised for education.
Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The gap

Oklahoma’s haves and have-nots grow further apart.


Rachel Curtis
Hundreds of thousands of middle- and lower-income Oklahomans this tax season will claim credits that the state Legislature considered eliminating only last year. With 17 percent of Oklahoma City’s residents living below the poverty level of $15,510 for a family of two, losing the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Sales Tax Relief Credit and Child Tax Credit would impact a significant portion of the metro’s most vulnerable families.
Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Point: Triggering better schools


State Sen. David Holt
This state legislative session, Sen. Jabar Shumate, D-Tulsa, Rep. Jason Nelson, R-Oklahoma City, and I proposed legislation to give parents a new tool to affect positive change in their student’s underperforming school. Senate Bill 1001 would create the Parent Empowerment Act, a version of a “parent trigger” that has been enacted in at least seven other states. It passed the Senate, but limited support in the House means it will be laid over until the 2014 session.
Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Counterpoint: Don’t pull that trigger


Gene Perry
In the 2012 film Won’t Back Down, a single mother stands up to a villainous teachers’ union and school administrators to take over her child’s school. The film was produced by Walden Media, a company belonging to Oklahoman owner Philip Anschutz. It seeks to dramatize “parent trigger” laws being pushed across the country by organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the American Legislative Exchange Council.
Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Willful ignorance of science

Letters to the Editor

Jordan Jay
Rev. Kern, your March 13 letter, “What evolutionists fear” (Oklahoma Gazette), betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of evolutionary theory. Spontaneous generation was an incorrect scientific hypothesis that Louis Pasteur did, indeed, disprove. However, to equate spontaneous generation and the current definition of abiogenesis is disingenuous. Spontaneous generation referred to the idea that individual present-day organisms could arise from nonliving matter, such as maggots seeming to arise from rotten meat out of thin air.
Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Marriage equality is up for grabs

Letters to the Editor

Wanda Jo Stapleton
“Equal Justice Under Law” is engraved on the front of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. To me, the phrase — when applied to marriage — means “marriage equality,” both same-sex marriage and heterosexual marriage.
Wednesday, April 3, 2013