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$30 million question

Will the substation transfer be included in the MAPS 3 convention center budget now that the location is changing?


Clifton Adcock
Preliminary cost estimates are out for all eight of the MAPS 3 projects, and the question of an OGE substation being moved using $30 million from the $280 million for the convention center funds came to a head during recent MAPS 3 oversight meetings.
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

War on logic


Kurt Hochenauer
June marked the 40th anniversary of the so-called war on drugs, but there wasn’t much celebrating.
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Page One: Inside the New York Times

All the news that’s fit to print becomes fit to watch, in the arresting documentary ‘Page One: Inside The New York Times.’


Rod Lott

Page One: Inside The New York Times
5:30 and 8 p.m. Friday-Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday
Oklahoma City Museum of Art
415 Couch

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The redistricting of Oklahoma City’s wards is under way.


Clifton Adcock
Oklahoma City is starting the process of redrawing its ward boundaries and will be holding a public meeting this month to discuss the plan.
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beat this

OKG7 things to do

Gazette staff
Leave your glow sticks at home for “Electric Daisy Carnival Experience,” a documentary about the electronic music festival.
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Read this

OKG7 things to do

Gazette staff
Meet Thor! Not the hammer-swinging superhero, but the New York Times best-selling author Brad Thor.
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks — Mirror Traffic

Pavement legend still plenty feisty.


Matt Carney
So what happens when you pair a couple of 1990s indie legends, setting the one known for bizarro, folky hip-hop at the control panel, and the one who famously dissed Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots behind the microphone?
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nice glass

The “Cutting Edge” glass exhibition features “Personal One,” a piece created by Alabama native Donna Branch.

Visual Arts

Emily Summars
Daily, ongoing
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

VOTD: People, People do The VDub Sessions

People, People get ready, for the van’s a-comin’

Stillwater dudes People, People spread their flannel blankets over their drum skins for a muted, intimate show inside the ol’ VDub Vanagon with videographer Nathan Poppe for the latest episode of “The VDub Sessions.” Titled “Golden Rust,” the song’s new and lovely. Everybody involved gets bonus points for riding around in that AC-less heat trap.

by Matt Carney 08.03.2011 3 years ago
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'Babe' watch

'BVB' heading to DVD!

Did you read Richard York’s Oklahoma Gazette feature earlier this summer about the locally shot horror comedy “Bikini Vampire Babes”?

Someone did, according to this letter from “BVB” co-writer/director/producer Ted West: “Wanted to let you know that a distributor in New York read your article about our movie and picked us up for distribution. Just wanted to say thanks!”

You’re welcome! Gazette power! —Rod Lott

by Rod Lott 08.03.2011 3 years ago
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