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Topic: chefs

Quinn Carroll

Chow Chat

Quinn Carroll, 23, is a one of those talented, self-taught chefs who has worked in several venues, but is now happily settled. Carroll is currently the sous chef at Cheever’s Cafe, 2409 N. Hudson.

Worked as a chef: “Began making onion rings for Coit’s, then worked at Hideaway Pizza, moving on to Deep Fork, a brief stint at The Metro and then Red Prime for more than two years.”

Your immediate past: “I became a sous chef at the age of 20, and I have been with Good Egg Group for five years.”

Special recognition: “I recently received my second Hospitality Award for Culinary Excellence from the Oklahoma Restaurant Association.”

A culinary luminary you would love to meet: “Rick Bayless, from Oklahoma, because I love his twist on Mexican cooking.”

Thoughts on Oklahoma City: “I’ve seen how much it has advanced. I am proud of what our city has produced in the restaurant business.”

A splurge for you: “Would be a steak, but also game such as elk and foie gras.”

But you’d never eat: “Fast food.”

In your own restaurant, you’d serve: “Food with a Southwestern flair, and game dishes such as roasted duck breast.”

Imperative to you: “A chef’s knife.”

You look somewhat like: “Ben Folds Five or Aidan Quinn, the actor. Hey, my my name is Quinn and my brother’s is Aidan!”

Date night: “I am off on Friday nights, so we go out to a restaurant and to a movie.”

Your main squeeze: “She is a speech pathologist. We went to high school together.”

How do you reboot each day: “I have a strong passion for the business, and I am ready to be there because I want to be there. My inspiration comes from my dad, Jerry Carroll, and brother, Aidan, and chef Clay Falkner.”

Most difficult thing you have ever done: “As one of the chefs at Red Prime, I worked for a month and one-half without a day off — lots of stress — but it taught me so much.”

Fav cookbook: Larousse Gastronomique by Pierre Larousse.”

Funny happening: “Our prep guy was trying to gain muscle mass and needed protein shakes. Someone substituted flour for the protein power in his shakes, and he’s [was] drinking the gummy stuff, and we [were] all laying on the ground laughing.”

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Jerry Logan

Chow Chat

Jerry Logan, along with his wife, Jo, own and operate Honey Hill Farms located in Edmond.

The couple claims three sons, Mark, Barry and Chris, along with zillions of bees.

You have been: “Oklahoma Beekeeper of the Year in 2003 and President of the OK State Beekeepers' Association from 2004-2006.”

Former career before beekeeping: “A teacher at Millwood School.”

We can purchase your products at: “Stores mostly in OKC, but at four grocery stores in Edmond, two health food stores, two gourmet shops, feed supply houses and five different health food stores in Oklahoma City.”

What makes your regional honey so good: “I don’t know; I don’t have a thing to do with it. It’s what the bees collect.”

A famous person you kinda look like: “Gomer Pyle [of The Andy Griffith Show].”

Cook: “I don’t cook; I’ve got four wheels.”

Essential tool in your own kitchen: “My can opener.”

You’d never eat: “Squash.”

But love: “Sweet potatoes with honey on it. I have honey every day, even on my cereal in the morning . It is so nutritious and is such a good replacement for sugar.”

Personal motto: “Do your best.”

People don’t know: “There is nothing. I am an open book. Jo and I, we will have been married 49 years on the 31st of May.”

You met your wife: “On a blind date in Duncan.”

Die and come back as: “Myself.”

Where you like to eat: “Coolgreens and LaBaguette. After a recent heart attack, I stay away from fast food.”

What happens outside that makes you happy: “I like to see the flowers blooming, because I like to see the bees sitting on them.”

A real disaster: “When you pick up a hive and it comes apart and the bees just cover you.”

Plus: “One time I was pumping honey and forgot about it for a few minutes. Well, it overflowed on everything and it was a sticky mess.”

Good advice for using honey: “You can put it on burns or cuts as bacteria will not live in honey. It is really healthy.”

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Feast of love

Tune in to the 26th annual Chefs’ Feast aims to entertain audiences and raise money for Regional Food Bank.

Food and Drink Features

Alyssa Grimley
Chefs’ Feast
6 p.m. Thursday
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
1700 N.E. 63rd

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cooking for a cause

Metro chefs are joined by a nationally celebrated colleague for a delicious fundraiser.

Food and Drink Features

Tim Farley
Some of the metro’s finest chefs are uniting for a unique fundraiser to assist tornado relief efforts, an event that will also feature one of the country’s most celebrated chefs.
Friday, May 24, 2013

Scratch that

Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails satisfies your itch for an innovative local niche.

Food and Drink Features

Devon Green
The landscape of Oklahoma City’s food culture has grown over the past decade. The days of chain eateries on every corner are becoming a thing of the past. A passion for the restaurant industry is often a life commitment (or sentence, if you like), and you will often hear a chef talk about “the moment they were hooked.”
Wednesday, January 8, 2014