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Santa baby

No need to order gifts from the North Pole this year.


Jenn Scott
If you’re like me, you’ve got at least three family members who are basically impossible to shop for. You’ve named constellations after them, certificate included. You’ve ordered unique, expensive European treasures to ensure the gift’s authenticity. I’m sure they don’t mean to be, but bugger, they’re hard to shop for!
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Highbrow holiday

Try these handpicked wines and cheeses for your holiday happenings.

Food and Drink Features

Jenn Scott
Holidays are on the horizon, and a crowd-pleaser is always cheese. Pair that with the right wine, and your guests will dub you “master of the holiday hors d’oeuvre and all things persnickety.”
Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Not just three 11s in a row ...

As you may or may not realize, Friday's calendar date is rather exciting.

Not just because it looks cool or because it's my birthday, but it's Veterans Day, you guys!

One of the cool things about living in the U.S. is that you get to choose what you believe and support. While everyone has a different opinion on war, the people who fight for the freedom to have an opinion deserve a little shout-out. 

For this Veterans Day, head into Orange Leaf and send a letter of support and encouragement to a veteran or active military member overseas.

Orange Leaf has partnered with “Thanks a Million!” to celebrate its 111th store opening, coincidentally on 11/11/11. This national campaign strives to send 1 million “thank-you” letters by Nov. 11. Orange Leaf customers will find everything they need to send their own letter from any store location. You can also send an electronic letter on its website.

Did I mention that 11/11/11 is my birthday? For my birthday, I would like these things:

1. you to write a letter to in support of an active military service person or veteran
2. snow

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Nothin’ ‘Normal’ about it

CityRep excels with an award-winning musical about the mysteries of mental illness.

Performing Arts

Larry Laneer

Next To Normal
7:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday, 1:30 p.m. Saturday, through Nov. 20
Freede Little Theatre
201 N. Walker
$30-$35, $8 student rush

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Go right meow

The second longest-running Broadway show ever, ‘Cats,’ prances onto the local stage.

Performing Arts

Jenn Scott
7 p.m. Thursday-Sunday; 2 p.m. Sunday
Lyric at the Plaza
1727 N.W. 16th
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Work it


Jenn Scott
The wide world of working out oftentimes can be a little intimidating. Between the ’roid-raging beefcakes pumping steel bars loaded with tractor tires and the scantily clad vixens with the perfect high pony and zero cellulite, even the thought of a gym can be enough of a workout for one day.
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Florence + The Machine — Ceremonials

No sophomore slump for this soulful siren.


Jenn Scott
Pre-2008, only a few knew of Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine. After the release of “Kiss with a Fist” in June that year, followed by “Dog Days Are Over” that December, few could contain themselves awaiting the release of her first album, “Lungs.”
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bring the bling


Jenn Scott
Back in January, I made a New Year’s resolution to wear more jewelry. Sounds silly, I know. While I might have most things together, fashionably speaking, accessorizing by way of jewelry has never been my strong suit.
Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday, OKC-style

Let’s talk shop.

I'm going to be honest with you: Black Friday freaks me out. A lot.

The absolute last thing I want to do after OD-ing on turkey is get up early and shove through hoards of coupon clippers (no offense to those who clip ’n’ save). 

Also, most BF offers come from corporate retailers, and honestly, I'd rather a more personal (read: local) product.

If you have the urge to shop but not battle jam-packed malls fraught with strollers, stick fingers and endless lines, then I've got a treat for you.

This year, 16th Street in the Plaza District offers local lovers an option. Get 20 percent off and stimulate your home economy!

Shop art at DNA, peruse vintage at Bad Granny's or pick up some handmade goods from Collected Thread, just to name a few of the great shops. Make sure and take a break for lunch at Saints and a glass of wine at the new Urban Wineworks. And voilà! You've got a stress-free, local day.

Refuse to go out but want to keep it in OK? Head on over to Etsy. Specifically those e-shops run by locals!

Make sure you pop by OU grad and local sweetie Marek Ferguson's shop for thoughtful and OK-themed treasures.

Love Oklahoma? I'll believe it when I see the pillow on your couch.

by Jenn Scott 11.23.2011 2 years ago
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Face forward


Jenn Scott
Let’s face it: First impressions do matter. Orc-like complexion: bad. Silky, smooth complexion: good.
Wednesday, November 30, 2011