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Litter Bug

I'm very anti-litter. Controversial, I know. Like there's a big pro-litter lobby out there. In my unsullied youth, I was fanatically anti-litter. My gramps had taught me from an early age to point and yell "litter bug!" whenever I saw someone doing some non-trash-can dumping and I was a vigorous enforcer. That is, until I "litter bugged" only the cutest boy in fourth grade and was made fun of for an entire afternoon. It ruined my life for at least three days and made me almost become a little hobo-ette, riding the rails with my bindle and American Girl doll Kirsten nightgown-made-sack.

You don't have to be as batty about littering as fourth-grade-Jenny to get involved with LitterBlitz, a month-long litter clean-up program coordinated by OKC Beautiful, the City of Oklahoma City and the Department of Environmental Quality. LitterBlitz started in 2001 and relies of volunteers to get out there and clean up their neighborhoods.

You can sign up to learn more about LitterBlitz at and volunteer your (and your friends' and family's) time on their Web site.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 04.02.2009 5 years ago
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Garden secrets

Almost everything I know about gardening I learned from Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel "The Secret Garden." Based on what Dickon told Mary in regards to the health of the roses (the wick was still green, you see), I have successfully murdered the weeping mulberry in my backyard.

It wasn't intentional murder, of course, more plantslaughter than anything. Hopefully, with the help of the upcoming Plant and Garden sale at the Myriad Botanical Gardens, I'll be able to replace the dearly departed with something a bit more manageable. The perfect option would be something that isn't picky about water (a rock, maybe?).

The annual Plant and Garden Sale is held April 9 and 10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the South Lobby of the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. There's always a great variety of Oklahoma-loving plants to choose from and the staff is on hand to help people like me decide what'd be hardest to destroy.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 04.08.2009 5 years ago
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Sing in the Shower

My singing voice kills puppies and sunshine. It causes unicorns to cry. But, I don't think actual talent matters all that much to the cool folks at Garnier.

The hair care company is touring a Sing in the Shower contest for 12 college campuses and, guess what, OU is one of the lucky sites. OU students can head out to Memorial Stadium tomorrow, April 11, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to show off their musical stylings (and hair stylings) for a chance at prizes. Creativity is the key in this competition, not how trilling your aria is.

Even if you don't plan on competing, head out to partake in the hair stations for mini makeovers and the finger pointing at crooning collegiates. The Sing in the Shower campus winner will walk away with $500 and be entered into the grand prize, $5,000 and a trip for two to L.A. for the "American Idol" season finale.

Check out more info on the contest.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 04.11.2009 5 years ago
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Greening OKC

Hoorah for the City of Oklahoma City. They're getting in on the "Let's Save Our Planet" party this Earth Day (celebrated April 22) with a week of activities. They have yet to add this (click it, you know you want to), but fingers crossed. Sidenote: I can totally still sing the theme song from that link.

Anyway, there are a number of events being held this week to choose from: free bus rides through Metro Transit tomorrow, a bike safety class Friday, tire, ammo and computer recycling Saturday. What I'm looking forward to most is Earth Fest at Martin Park. The all day event (10 a.m.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 04.22.2009 5 years ago
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Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much

I've been a big fan of Shakespeare since first reading "Measure for Measure" as a freshman in high school. I've read most of Willy's works and have seen them performed on stage countless times (including "Richard III" at London's Globe Theatre " unforgettable).

But, even if you're not the Bard's biggest fan, it's easy to get behind "Talk Like Shakespeare Day" this Thursday. The day was announced by Chicago mayor Richard Daley to celebrate Big Willy's 445th birthday, generally marked as April 23, 1564. Who cares if we're not in Chicago, I'm going to spend the day with my "thous" and "wherefores" and maybe a few "fies."

Need some help? Check out the Talk Like Shakespeare Web site or the Shakespeare Insult Generator. Next time someone calls you an idiot, you can call them a "spleeny urchin-snouted hag-seed!"

To hear Willy-speak locally, getteth thou down to thy local Myriad Botanical Gardens for the summer season of Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 04.23.2009 5 years ago
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Taking a Bite

Because of my Puritanical ways and juvenile sense of humor, I've never ventured to Biting the Apple, the annual erotic art show.

I mean, I could barely hold it together at the Sex Museum in Amsterdam, and the only reason I kept even a modicum composure (seriously, you should have seen the ancient Chinese porcelain figurines) was because I didn't want to be the "laughing American in the bestiality room." Plus, after a visit to New Orleans that happened to fall during Southern Decadence, I've become a firm believer that the folks who have no problem donning a leather thong and ball gag in public probably " considering body mass index " shouldn't.

But, I'm finally doing it. I'm going all the way. I'll be the person in the corner all red faced and furiously biting the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing (which will probably come off all pervy and like I want you to accompany me to my white conversion van waiting just over there in the dark alley).

The 18th annual Biting the Apple, with a theme this year of "Redefining Red: Exploring the Color of Eros" is this Friday and Saturday at IAO Gallery, 811 N. Broadway, and a satellite loft space across the street. Tickets are $20, or $30 for both nights.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 06.04.2009 5 years ago
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Hoeing it up

When Elizabeth Pressler-Henderson found herself unemployed last year, she turned to gardening. She'd only ever tried container gardening, but, with time on her hands, she started planting in the back yard of her home in Oklahoma City's Crestwood addition.

Now, just a year later, Pressler-Henderson is a public relations professional by day and the Urban Garden Hoe blogger by, well, not night, but by any other time. She started the blog at almost as soon as she first picked up the hoe to share her gardening successes.

Her mother may not have been too keen on the name, but Pressler-Henderson said it reflected the younger generation of gardeners who are becoming connected to where their food comes from. Gardening, she said, is no longer just for little old ladies growing pretty flowers.

Plus, she said, "I liked that it was a little saucy."

What started as a fun project " for example, eating a salad that came entirely from back yard produce " quickly became a passion. She said watching something grow from a tiny seed to a large, mature plant made her feel more connected to nature and the process of life.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 05.20.2009 5 years ago
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Positive fashion

The International Interior Design Association is holding an inaugural fashion show and fund-raiser Thursday, May 21, at the Tolbert Theater at Stage Center.

The 7:30 p.m. show blends interior design and fashion for Colour & Couture " A Shift Across the Spectrum. That doesn't mean couches will be sashaying down the runway (which is what I pictured), but that design and architecture groups from around the city with use their unique knowledge to collaborate on couture pieces. Fingers crossed for pillow sham headwear.

Tickets at $35 ($20 for students) and the event will also include hors d'oeuvres and a bar.

Colour & Couture will benefit Positive Tomorrows, a local nonprofit that helps homeless families.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 05.20.2009 5 years ago
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Trunk space

Okay, confessional time: I've never been to a trunk show. Apparently, I've been missing out. Trunk shows have been steadily growing in not only popularity, but range. Women are able to complete their seasonal wardrobe at a trunk show and come away with highly mix-and-matchable pieces.

Worth is just one of those trunk show companies that focuses on selling directly to the consumer. They are showing their spring and summer looks through May, which includes everything from nauticals and crisp whites to ladylike Boho, small florals and safari-ready animal prints in suits, dresses and separates.

Locally, Worth will be showing at two private Oklahoma City residences from May 26 to June 15. To make an appointment, visit the Worth Web site.

Another direct sales company, Etcetera, is showing the spring and summer looks through May 29. The appointment-only showings are conducted at private residences. Look for browns and blues with flashes of animal print and floral in easy suits and fun dresses. It's all very ladylike, but not as stodgy as I was expecting.

Etcetera has two consultants in the metro area. To make an appointment, visit the Etcetera Web site.

For gorgeous dresses and elegant evening wear, check out the Frascara trunk show at Ruth Myers (6471 Avondale; 842-1478) held May 19 and 20. These heavy-hitter pieces are classic, yet unique, in rich satins, bright whites and arty prints. Frascara, based in Toronto, has design roots going back to 1923, so you know you're getting a quality product.

Another evening wear collection will be presented this weekend at Mittie Cooper's White House Gallery (800 N.W. 50th; 842-0407). The JulioJulio trunk show is May 15 from 4 to 8 p.m. and includes a 6 p.m. fashion show. Seating is limited Friday, so RSVP by calling 488-6998. The show continues Saturday with an open house for the public.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 05.14.2009 5 years ago
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Mom's Day Deluxe

Still don't have anything for Mom? Yeah, me neither.

Just don't freak and buy one of those horrible pre-made gift baskets full of sub-par lotions and soaps " they all reek of fake fruitiness and last-minute desperation. Instead, head to the Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar this Saturday, May 9, at the Centennial Building at State Fair Park.

The Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar is held noon to 6 p.m. and admission is free. The market features local, independent crafters in all of their crafty glory. The bazaar includes 75 arts and crafts folks all offering handmade wares like jewelry, purses, housewares, art and more. Check out more about the bazaar at Deluxe's site.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 05.06.2009 5 years ago
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