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Rehearsal dinner

Congrats! You're getting married! (Just play along.) Which local restaurant would you choose for your rehearsal dinner? We posed the question on Facebook recently, and received a deluge of responses:

“Iguana Mexican Grill” —Randal Marsh

“Ranch Steakhouse” —Sara C. Jacoby

“Night Trips” —Jeff Brown

“Red PrimeSteak” —Rachel Irick

“Cafe Do Brasil” —Angela M. Thomas

“The Metro or Red Prime” —Stephanie Riggs

“Hensley's Top Shelf Restaurant, but we are having ours on the Devon boats with Aunt Pittypat's catering!” —Robert C. Howell

“Charleston's” —Michael Riley

“Cheever's Cafe!” —Misty Wilson

“We are wanting to have ours at Iron Starr.” —Jenn Dietrich

“Nonna's” —Rachael Reed

“Big Truck Tacos did ours. It was fabulous.” —Krista Singleton Wulf

“We had ours at Irma's in Midtown.” —Allison Eubanks

“Crabtown!!!” —Risa Variale

“Cheever's!” —Christina Hughes

“My brother just got married last September and theirs was at Deep Fork Grill and they did an awesome job.” —Stephanie Moore

“We had ours at Crabtown and it was perfect!” —Amy Green Apt

“Rococo” —Nathan Aguilera

“Harvest” —Mark Sadler

“Local!” —Audrey Julian

“We had ours at Iron Starr, and it was great!” —Lisa Janssen Lloyd

“Yamato” —Russ Brown

“In the Raw Sushi!!” —Anna Mains

“We held ours (in 2008) at Iron Starr. The staff was terific, the venue was great, and the food was superb.” —Todd Fagin

“Stuffed Olive Cafe” —Tami Robb

“Paseo Grill” —Crystal Jane Young

“Zorba's” —Okie's Chicken & Grill

“The Ranch” —Bevan Graybill

"Spencer's Smokehouse and Barbacue” —Jene Cheek

"Cheever's” —Brandy Sitts

"Nonna's” —Beth Vrabel Ketchum

“Cheever's” —Sarah Graham Fitzpatrick

“Spencer's Smokehouse” —Richard Cheek

“The Ranch!!” —Nancy Nichols Piccolo

“Deep Fork!!!” —Pam Dabbs Cribbs

“In the Raw” —Angie Martin

“Rococo Restaurant & Fine Wine or Rococo Northpark so we could have Roccoco crab cake” —Kyle Golding

“Just got married in July and had Big Truck Tacos cater; it was fantastic!” —Anne Murray

“Deep Fork Grill! Can't go wrong — fantastic food and service every time!” —Stephanie Ruminer

"Nonna's!” —Alisha Davidson

"Charleston's in Edmond … yummy food and a great private room with no more than a reservation needed.” —Stephanie Campbell Joseph

"Definitely the Ranch” —Janie Skalovsky

"Deep Fork” —Melissa Haydon Milburn

"I was married in Louisiana, so that won't help … but I am an event planner and a lot of my couples choose Rococo, Deep Fork Grill or Kang's. Those are all wonderful places ...” —Christina Garcia

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Stupendous sushi

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hot wheels

Put it in park with your favorite food trucks.

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Secret menus

Serious lovers of local food and drink now have a social club all to themselves.

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A new club in the metro promises its members access to creative urban experiences at a network of participating locally owned restaurants and bars.
Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feast of love

Tune in to the 26th annual Chefs’ Feast aims to entertain audiences and raise money for Regional Food Bank.

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Chefs’ Feast
6 p.m. Thursday
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
1700 N.E. 63rd

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Garden of eatin’

The search continues for a restauranteur to inhabit space at the Myriad Botanical Gardens.

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In late 2011, questions surrounded the plan to open a restaurant at the Myriad Botanical Gardens.
Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Can you hear me now?

New app created in Norman allows for easy TV listening in restaurants and bars.


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Ever tried to watch the game at a sports bar, but were unable to hear what was going on over all the racket around you? Scott Lopez knows your pain, and has your solution: an app called Audivero.
Friday, June 28, 2013