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Day for Dad

Egads, it's almost Father's Day. And not, like, two weeks from now, but two days from now. How did that happen? Damn you, time, you've foiled me again.

I have a great dad. The poor guy had to deal with a daughter who thought there were only seven innings in baseball (because "seventh-inning stretch" obviously meant stretch after a long game and go home, right?) and who, much to his lament, never took to golf.

Instead, he faithfully went to 14 years of dance recitals. He trekked to every single cheerleading competition I was in for five years " and for four years of that five, those competitions were nearly every weekend from October to March " and even wrote little notes in the margin of the programs to try and size up how we did.

He paid for my college and bought me a car and was only marginally appalled when I got a lip piercing and dyed my hair purple.

What do you buy for a dad like that? I was thinking of buying him a plane ticket down here (then asking him to rewire my house while he was visiting), but that didn't seem quite so daughterly.

I still can't figure out what I'll do, but here are a few ideas.

Blue 7 has started carrying Jack Black products. No, not like the dude behind Tenacious D, but a man-approved skin care line. The products have a cool, East Coast vibe to them and also include old-school grooming kits.

There's also manly "X of the Month" clubs, like meat, cheese and beer. Can't go wrong with those.

Like was done with Mother's Day, metro museums are offering free admission for dads this Sunday. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum and the American Banjo Museum are all participating downtown. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, the Oklahoma City Zoo and the Sam Noble Oklahoma Natural History Museum in Norman are also offering free admission to ol' pops, too.
by Jenny Coon Peterson 06.18.2010 4 years ago
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Nick at night

The last time I watched Nickelodeon, "Doug" was the breakout show (and just try to get that theme song out of your head). So, yeah, it's been a while.

But the kids' channel is still going strong, and it's even breaking into the bedroom furniture biz. The new Nickelodeon Rooms collection is the work of a collaboration with Lea Furniture, and it's available at Mathis Brothers Furniture.

The Nickelodeon Rooms collection features beds, dressers and even some super-cool "tents" to put over the bed from tv shows like "SpongeBob SquarePants," "Dora the Explorer" and Go, Diego, Go!" There'll be a "SpongeBob" surfer-style collection added later in the year.

So I just have one question: When will the "Hey, Dude" and "Rocko's Modern Life" furniture become available?
by Jenny Coon Peterson 07.01.2010 4 years ago
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Etsy! Etsy! Etsy!

I could spend hours " hours! " on Etsy. And using the "shop local" button on the cool website, I can buy from Oklahoma artists while I'm at it.

In this week's ShopGirl column, I profile six different Oklahoma-based Etsy ladies. Since newsprint isn't exactly link-appropriate, here's a clickable journey to each shop. Visit their online shops and give them some love.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 07.02.2010 4 years ago
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Summer art

I'm always plotting to take up some sort of art class, although I've yet to find one that specializes in the highbrow movement of Cheetos painting.

In the scenario that runs through my mind, I'll discover I'm a natural and everyone will be super-impressed and offer to pay me loads of money to buy my creations. I'll become a true artiste and travel the globe bringing my gift of the brush/lens/pen/crochet hook to others.

Oddly, it's never actually panned out like that. Weird, right? I learned to "knit" this past winter. I say "knit" because, while the instructor was exceedingly patient and the class as a whole a great success, I haven't advanced much past scarves.

Still, I'm hopeful that I'll be able to add to my stable of skills with some summer art classes. There's a ton to choose from in the metro " check these places out.

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art has a ton of really tempting adult art classes (and just as many children's classes " which is probably more my speed).

One really intriguing duo of classes works with clay. The "Hands in Clay" one-day workshop teaches you all about making ceramic pieces and concludes with firing your first clay masterpiece. The follow-up is the "Glazing Basics" one-day workshop that takes your kiln-fired piece and teaches the art of glazing. "Hands in Clay" is coming up on July 31, and "Glazing Basics" is Aug. 19. Registration is available on the OKCMOA site.

The museum also has summer classes in drawing, painting and printmaking (like one on portraits where maybe I'd learn how to draw noses that don't resemble pig snouts/Victoria Beckham) and photography classes.

Elsewhere in the metro, City Arts Center has a number of adult classes that are running from July 12 to Sept. 3. For beginners, check out the center's weaving program. Seriously, like weaving on a loom and everything. I think that's so cool. There's also a beginning oil painting class (so you, too, can make happy little trees). The classes are weekly and held in the evening, so they're perfect for us working schmos.

This post is getting fairly long, so I'll have to cover the next class I'm thinking of taking " French " in another Culture Chic. Oui, oui. (And I've now exhausted my French dictionary.)

by Jenny Coon Peterson 07.07.2010 4 years ago
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Mmmm, minty!

A few months ago, I wrote a ShopGirl column about the mint growing rampant in my backyard. I even likened it to an army.

I have since realized my mistake. The mint of two months ago was about as developed as Kyrgyzstan's navy. Today, it's like the Chinese army (except with unrestricted Facebook access).

Seriously, you guys, it's a disaster in my backyard. The only option is to triple my Mojito intake. It'll be hard, but I'll soldier on. I'll probably start acting like Sandra Lee attempting to get through the "cocktail" section of her show, but whatever.

If you don't have mint invading your own yard, head to these spots to get your fill.

Prohibition Room serves some amazing cocktails, and the Mojito is no exception. Since the bartenders there don't use any mixes, it's just a simple and delicious concoction of rum, lime, fresh lime juice, sugar and fresh mint.

In food form, check out the Cookies n Mint cupcake at Green Goodies by Tiffany or the Andes Mint cupcake at Ruth's Sweete Justice.
by Jenny Coon Peterson 07.15.2010 4 years ago
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The Girlies want you

My papa was a painter. He also wrote his own brand of fairy tales and made his own wine, so he was a bit of a campy Renaissance man. But his true love was painting.

His specialty: painting landscapes on cured tree fungi (seriously) and traveling to art shows with his "Fungus Among Us" wares (again, seriously). He tried to teach me to paint " and, being a grandparent, declared me the most accomplished artist in the entire world " but all I took from years standing behind his shoulder and watching as he painted was a strange love of the smell of turpentine and an eye for picking out the best fungi canvases.

Which all means, potential Girlie Show artists, I'll be able to spot a subpar fungus from a mile away. You've been warned.

If you think you can pass muster with my stringent fungus test, The Girlie Show " one of my favorite arts and crafts shows of the year in OKC " is looking for vendors for the 2010 show, scheduled for Nov. 5-6.

The Girlies are looking for 40 lovely ladies with artistic acumen (alliteration!) " that includes photography, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, fashion, knitwear, handbags and more. Basically, anything that's handmade.
The deadline to apply is Aug. 20, so get applicatin'.
by Jenny Coon Peterson 07.30.2010 4 years ago
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Stache bash

I just can't get mustaches. I'm cool with scruff, I'm fine with beards, but there's something about that furry lip warmer that I'm just not onboard with. Even repeated viewings of what is obviously mustaches' main man can't convince me:

That mustache does everything! It flies a helicopter; it fights underwater; it drives a fast car!

And now, it celebrates a new store and raises money for charity. Philanthropic lip rugs! That just may make me come around to the mustachioed point of view.

Shop Good, a store I've written about before in my ShopGirl column, is moving to the Ninth Street neighborhood and arriving in 'stache-tastic style. To celebrate the store's grand opening, there'll be a Mustache Bash block party starting at 5 p.m. tomorrow, Aug. 4.

New neighbors Iguana Mexican Grill, Sara Sara Cupcakes and Pachinko Parlor will provide treats, plus there'll be music from local bands (like Dr. Pants and Sherree Chamberlain) and art from Dylan and Amanda Bradway of DNA Galleries.

Part of the proceeds of the bash will go to The Spero Project, and remember that all of the great clothing, accessories and home decor at Shop Good benefits various nonprofits.

And those mustaches? Wear them proudly or pick up a faux-'stache courtesy of Shop Good so you won't feel naked for the party.
by Jenny Coon Peterson 08.04.2010 4 years ago
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Plaza sweet!

It's the second week of the month, which means it's time for Live on the Plaza. The Plaza District's monthly open house is also a good time, so check out this last event of summer if you can.

Live on the Plaza runs from 7-11 p.m. Friday, so it should be tolerable outside (hopefully). Like always, there's a lot going on " here are just a few highlights.

by Jenny Coon Peterson 08.13.2010 4 years ago
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The girl who bought her tickets early

Stieg Larsson's "Millennium" trilogy is pretty much the hottest thing out there right now. I'd say it even beats that curious mountain gnome who wandered into a tanning salon and then landed on MTV. (Snooki. I'm talking about Snooki.)

The second film adapted from Larsson's trilogy, "The Girl Who Played With Fire," is debuting this weekend at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. It follows the old duo " the investigative reporter who seems to attract a peculiar number of women, and the misfit genius with a love of Goth makeup " as they track down yet another conspiracy of lady-haters. And I'm pretty sure there's some fire involved with this one, but I'm still only about 100 pages in, so I could be wrong. (I'm not.)

The museum is showing the film Thursday through Sunday, but I've heard that tickets are going fast, so buy yours early online. Oh, and seeing as this is a Swedish movie, there are subtitles, so bring your reading glasses.

This'll help you get ready for the language you'll hear:

by Jenny Coon Peterson 08.18.2010 3 years ago
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New on 23rd

I am completely in love with all the cool things happening along N.W. 23rd Street, partly because it can only help my Paseo-area home's value, and partly because it's simply great to see positive things happening in that area of town.

Just check out this postcard from the shopping district's heyday (courtesy of the Rick & Liz Ferris collection):

A friend from Retro Metro OKC (a really great group of people preserving and promoting OKC's past) sent me that picture a while ago. Pretty cool, right?

And now we can add another new shop to the growing list that is working to revitalize the street. Oklahoma City University has opened OCU BLUEtique, an upscale resale shop. The store (1933 N.W. 23rd) just opened Monday in a renovated home right by the campus.

BLUEtique will stock housewares, decor, accessories and other odds 'n' ends. It's staffed entirely by volunteers, students and alumni, and the money made will go toward student employment scholarships.

Check out more on BLUEtique " and a whole passel of other new stores " in next week's ShopGirl.
by Jenny Coon Peterson 08.20.2010 3 years ago
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