A Three Stooges Celebration

That means they more or less hold the same contents — namely, four or five shorts (i.e. "Disorder in the Court" and "Sing a Song of Six Pants") and many more of the seven-minute New Three Stooges cartoons from the mid-'60s, with live-action wraparound intros and outros that show how Moe and Larry had aged (not well).

Passport Video's A Three Stooges Celebration just happens to be among the latest of the big-screen product's piggybackers. The shorts are fine, but not the troupe's best work; the cartoons are a delight, but get old when consumed in large quantities.

This edition's selling point is a "documentary" on the Stooges. While it contains some rare footage, there's little narrative actually going on. Given the dry, near-emotionless narrator's lack of enthusiasm, it's tough to get the least bit excited about the history lesson it imparts. Their story deserves better presentation than that; you'll learn more — and have more fun — from Warner Archives' recently released Lost Stooges clip-fest, hosted by Leonard Maltin. —Rod Lott

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