Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

This time around, now the early 1980s, blowhard network anchor Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell, The Lego Movie) loses his job and his wife (Christina Applegate, Hall Pass). Things look up when he is recruited to a bold TV experiment: the 24-hour news channel.
To help with the graveyard-shift time slot, Ron calls upon his trusty team members, most notably not-all-there weatherman Brick Tamland, played by Steve Carell. Because Carell's star skyrocketed since the first film with TV's The Office, his character luckily gets far more screen time, not to mention a potential mate in a just-as-stupid co-worker (Bridesmaids' Kristen Wiig).
Paramount's triple-disc set demonstrates how improv-heavy Ferrell's vehicles are, with seemingly enough alternate takes to cobble together another cut. Speaking of, the package includes the ballyhooed R-rated version with “763 new jokes” (yeah, right), most of which are as riotous as the “old” ones. —Rod Lott

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