Reviewer's grade: C-

Country star and Oklahoma native Toby Keith ("Broken Bridges") and Rodney Carrington ("The Longest Yard") co-wrote and co-star in the action comedy "Beer for my Horses," about small-town sheriff's deputy Rack (Keith) and his subnormal but sweet sidekick, Lonnie (Carrington).

The pair arrests Tito (Greg Serano, "In the Valley of Elah") as he's stealing liquid fertilizer for a Mexican meth-making operation. Tito's older brother (Carlos Sanz, "Crank") kidnaps Rack's girlfriend (Claire Forlani, TV's "CSI: NY") for ransom. Rack and his dingus man-boy must disobey the sheriff, steal Tito and go save Miss Lips, in rockin' country outlaw style. While it could be way worse, "Beer for My Horses" is a weird mixed bag. The actual plot could have been covered in about 15 minutes, but Keith and company stretch it out to qualify for feature-length status.  

Still, it's great to see a movie that partly takes place in Oklahoma (despite being shot in Nevada and New Mexico, which is a bit disloyal and uncool), even though most of the supporting characters re-assert the impression that our state is peopled with the cast of "Hee Haw." On the plus side, Keith and Carrington fans will have something to watch on CMT during NASCAR off-season for years to come. PG-13

"?Mike Robertson

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