It’s the greatest show on Earth! Bang Bang Variety Show brings the excitement of Vegas to Oklahoma in an event that promises to be full of nailbiting entertainment meant for the stages of Sin City.

Bang Bang began in September 2010 as a small monthly function that gave performers the opportunity to showcase their talents. Promoter Cassidy Warner is proud of the progress they’ve made over the years.

“It started [with] about six people doing a DJ night with drag performances and live music, and now it’s expanded into a lovely show with a lot of talented performers,” Warner said.

The event has continued to grow into a modest version of Cirque du Soleil that gives entertainers a chance to experience the bright lights in a smaller market.

“Now it’s a quirky, silly variety show with drag, magic, comedy, dance, burlesque, pole dancing, silk acrobatics and whatever other awesome things we happen to find,” Warner said.

Bang Bang Variety Show has two causes behind this month’s shows: the It Gets Better Project and Planned Parenthood, two organizations that Warner said are important to the young gay community.

“Hearing from people that have been in your situation and are now living their lives happily and freely — and free to love whomever they choose — is a much-needed message for the young gay community,” she said.

The It Gets Better Project aims to give gay youth hope for the future by sharing the trials and triumphs of fellow individuals.

“I grew up in a very small town and there was no option like that for me,” performer Chase Vegas said. “I felt like an outcast, and I knew that I had nowhere to run to and no real support.”

Vegas said his supportive friends and creative outlets provided enough reasons to keep pursuing his dreams.

“I’m shocked and surprised every day that I wake up and see all the amazing stuff and great opportunities that we’ve been given — just because we survived. It’s become a really good support group and like our therapy,” he said.

Vegas has become a Bang Bang staple, mostly due to his aerial silk routines, circus tricks and his drag alter ego, Molly Ringworm.

“I basically stole it from Molly Ringwald and made it gross,” he said.

Vegas said he’s confident showgoers to Bang Bang will enjoy it.

“You’re going to get to see lots of fantastic costuming, amazing props, maybe a little bit of blood and a lot of glitter!” he said.

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