Since then, hat wearing hasn’t been the same. If you’re a vintage fashion lover, or if you simply adore hats, it’s your season!

Cloches, fascinators, berets, fedoras and trilbies will populate headspace this cold-weather season, but as it turns out, the once-staple pieces aren’t easy to locate in Oklahoma City. If you’ve kept your eye on the trends and jumped ahead of the game, you’ve probably already come up short with quality local finds.

On the search for great hats in town, I exhausted several options I thought would be sure bets. The pursuit was nearly thwarted, given the number of dead ends, but then our fine city came through with headwear utopia.

Do I have some finds for you! Anabelle’s Galleria (1201 N.W. 178th in Edmond; 359-1189), is a boutique with some sass. You’ll find a variety of shoes and other apparel, as well as a few winter necessities like coats and, of course, hats!

right, Anabelle’s Galleria Owner Janie Dowling

Don’t be afraid of the traditionally summer floppy hat (also called milliners or chapeaus). Find one in a black or gray, and pair it with everything you own this fall and winter.

If you are more of a smaller-brimmed cloche fan, try out Francesca’s Collections inside Penn Square Mall (1901 Northwest Expressway; 842-8163) or in Edmond (1470 S. Bryant). The place also has some great trapper hats for those extra- OKC! freezing days, as well as berets.

For a bit more variety and something no one else will have, head to Collectibles Etc., 1511 N. Meridian, owned and operated by Gwin Mullins.

“Do you have hats?” I said between desperate sighs.

“Hats? Oh, honey, I’ve got hats.

New or vintage. And, I’ve got a milliner,” said Mullins.

“A milliner? Oh!” And that was that. Not only is this precious shop brimming with fantastic already-made hats, but Mullins has her very own hatmaker who is cranking out one-of-a-kind designs. Local and not seen on anyone else? You can’t beat that. If the idea of having an utterly unique hat appeals, vintage or handmade hattery is probably the angle you want to pursue. Either way, you’re covered at Collectibles.

Go ahead and experiment with that hair color or cut. Even if it doesn’t turn out, you’re covered with this season’s trend of covered locks. Let’s shop, OKC!

Photo by Shannon Cornman

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