But I’d like to report that my resolution for 2011 has been successful, thanks to the guidance of friends and local shops. Since my bedazzled lids have been lifted, I’ve eagerly embraced what this city has to offer in the way of bling.

First up, if you’ve not been to French Cowgirl (4514 N. Western, 604-4696), then make a plan to visit right now. This boutique is chock full of candles (which smell amazing!), clothes, home decor and, most importantly, jewelry.

Not only does the shop have a few tables and cases featuring its goods, but the staff takes the time to pair each mannequin’s outfit with accessories. French Cowgirl has lots of interesting necklaces to trendy rings, and you’ll be met with friendly shop opinions to help decide which pieces you need.

right, a brooch on display at Antique Avenue

While you’re in the area, make your way to Antique Avenue (5219 N. Western, 842-1010). You might not think of secondhand shops when it comes to jeweled needs, but you’ll be surprised at the goodies you can find.

Antique Avenue is a fantastic mall full of furniture and other treasures, especially high-end, vintage pieces or vintage costume pieces, depending on your budget. Cold weather is upon us, and the addition of statement brooches and scarf pins is a unique addition to any outfit.

Speaking of vintage, Bonedust Cowgirl (514 N.W. 28th, 248-6811) in the Paseo District is a house (literally) full of vintage and handmade treats that tend to have an earthy, Oklahoma-roots feel. They’re made from wood, turquoise, ivory and bone, and you can feel the influence of cultural heritage in most of the pieces.

If you’d rather get your shopping done at the click of a mouse, but still stay local, make sure you visit jewelrybythea.com. Owner and Edmond resident Thea Gomez has designed jewelry for as long as she can remember, and now she brings her custom pieces to you via e-shopping (or by phone at 664-6318).

Whether your style is urban, vintage or earthy, the metro offers you plenty of places to accessorize your wardrobe.

Let’s shop, OKC!

Photo by Mark Hancock

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