s "Sex and the City" without the frilly cocktails.


At its center is a complex and moving performance by Parker Posey, a darling of indie cinema perhaps best known for her work in Christopher Guest's mockumentaries. Here, she is Nora Wilder, a 30something New Yorker desperate to be loved, yet unable to find a decent guy. She finally catches a break when she meets Julien (Melvil Poupaud), a handsome Frenchman whose only flaw seems to be that he's heading back to Paris in a few days.


Will Nora accompany him? It's not much of a dilemma, perhaps, but a predictable third act doesn't mitigate a poignant script and Posey's tour de force performance. "Broken English" screens Thursday through Saturday at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art's Noble Theater. PG-13


"?Phil Bacharach  


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