Buildings are chosen for an annual architectural tour

Larry Herzel and Andrew Stevens of HSE Architects, the Lofts at Maywood Park were built to encourage residents to live their lives outside. Exterior walkways, pedestrian paths and sidewalks link public green spaces with the nearby center of the city. 

Central Avenue Villas, 444 N. Central:
The gateway to a contemporary urban rebirth, TAParchitecture's Anthony McDermid and Zack Woods have designed a new, 30-unit residential project in Deep Deuce that takes cues from regional architecture. 

Velvet Monkey Salon and Residence, 1711 N. Blackwelder:
 Featured unfinished in last year's tour, the salon inhabits a historic space built for the New State Ice Co. in the 1920s. Reworked by TASK Design Inc. and Fitzsimmons Architects, the mixed salon and residential space marks the eastern edge of the Plaza Arts District. 

Studio Mid-Del Inc Arts Center, 1730 Center Drive, Midwest City:
Illustrating the left and right sections of the brain, Michael McCoy Architects used analytical angles and creative curves for an open art space that surrounds visitors with inspiring design.

The Sieber Hotel, 1305 N. Hudson:
Built as a grocery store and hotel in the 1920s, The Sieber is being reworked into a new Midtown apartment building and work space by Allen Brown Architects.

RR Residence, 3940 E. Wilshire:
Jim and Worth Ross' home was chosen for sustainable architectural elements, such as its simple design, material usage and efficient concrete block construction. The home is expected to be completed in July.

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