Daily Scoldings: A Bracing Tonic of Criticism, Rebuke, and Punitive Inspiration for Better Living

Who needs daily inspirational quotes to give meaning and focus? They're sappy, corny and usually the absolute opposite of what any standard-issue human would consider inspiring.

Enter "Daily Scoldings" "? inspiration with bite. These are my kinds of affirmations.

Beryl Barclay, the stern, quirky, tell-it-like-it-is nom de plume of author Lisa Jones, has penned 365 musings on everything from suffering to loving to flossing.

From the June 18 entry: "Try to make friends with your deep, bitter regret. If you shower it with attention, it may tire of you and depart."

And here's one for today, Sept. 15: "Stay upright and everyone will respect you. No, they probably won't respect you. Why should they? But they are more likely to leave you alone. That's the best you can hope for."

Too true, Ms. Barclay. "?Jenny Coon Peterson

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