Reviewer's grade: C


If you know what the musical style called "reggaeton" is and like it, this picture is full of it. It's a blend of Caribbean, Latin and hip-hop rhythms, and it's pretty bouncy stuff that goes well with sinuous dance moves, with which the picture is also well-endowed.


The film's plot is ancient: Right after Sophocles scored a hit with "Oedipus Rex," he wrote a script about a kid who discovers his best self by becoming a songwriter, befriending another budding musician, defending his artistic vision, meeting a girl, losing the girl and getting the girl back again. I can hear that ancient Greek producer now: "Sophie, you'll kill 'em. It'll run forever."


A pleasant cast of mostly unknowns and TV veterans don't have much trouble selling this one to young people who like the music and haven't grown old seeing a million variations on the basic story. For everyone else, well, maybe not. PG-13


 "?Doug Bentin 


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