The flu of Flu is suspected to be avian, yet advances far too rapidly, causing death within 36 hours of exposure … and that window grows ever shorter. It's up to a rescuer (Jang Hyuk) and a disease specialist / potential love interest (Su Ae) he recently saved to find a vaccine — and stat, now that her adorable moppet of a daughter has fallen ill. 

Imported to American DVD by CJ Entertainment, Flu is a competent yet dull disaster movie whose visual slickness leaves no room for substance, even at more than two hours. While director Kim Sung-Soo (The Warrior) builds a believable scenario, it plays out with bland characters whose indifference proves infectious. Plus, cute kids have no place in such a story. 

For a really good treatment of a similar "what if?" speculative thriller, see Steven Soderbergh's Contagion. For a much better disaster epic from South Korea, head for last year's The Tower.   —Rod Lott

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