Reviewer's grade: B

Jackie Chan and Jet Li, martial arts icons, team up for the first time in this exotic fantasy of ancient China. They play two good guys helping a modern American who pops up one day with a legendary weapon he's been told he has to return to its rightful owner, The Monkey King. But in order to get to The Monkey King, they have to do battle with the Jade Warlord, who wants the magical weapon for his own.

It's pretty much every quest fantasy you've ever seen/read/heard/dreamed wrapped up into one movie. But the picture is one helluva treat for the eyes. The Chinese scenery and costumes are awesome, and the rest of the cast"?especially the good and bad girls"?make you wish that the people who run China weren't such buttheads.

Michael Angarano ("Sky High," "Lords of Dogtown") is the young American and he's the only actor you know unless you're already into martial arts movies. Woo-Ping Yuen ("Jet Li's Fearless," "Kill Bill") provides the choreography, but Chan and Li are the center ring attractions and a lot of fun. —?Doug Bentin

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