Comedian Jay Mohr recently used his popular podcast, Mohr Stories, to call Brian Regan the funniest comedian in America.

That was news to Regan.

“I didn’t realize he said that, but I’m quite honored. That means a lot to me,” him said. “Compliments are always fun, but when they come from people who do what you do, they’re even nicer to hear. I don’t think of comedy as a competition. I’m just trying to be funnier than I was the day before onstage. I just like to do my thing, keep working at it.”

Currently on a nonstop national theater tour, he has a punishing schedule that rivals some of the biggest musical acts.

“The rule of thumb is I do four nights in a row — Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday — and I try to do every other weekend. So it ends up being probably a hundred shows or more a year,” he said.

Still, Regan said he has no complaints about his career. He just made his 25th appearance on Late Show with David Letterman and released his 2010 stand-up special, All by Myself, on CD.

In the biz for more than 30 years, he shows no sign of stopping now.

“I’m doing one show a night. Sometimes I’ll do two, depending on the venue and the situation, but … life is good,” he said.

After years of performances at small clubs, Regan said he considers larger venues like the Rose State Performing Arts Theatre “somewhat of a graduation,” but confesses that he misses the club circuit.

“In fact, this past summer, I did five comedy clubs just to re-experience it, and I had a blast. It was fun to be in that world again,” he said. “I especially miss the camaraderie among the comedy club staff [and] the other comedians hanging around.”

Nostalgia aside, Regan considers Rose State as his performance “home” in the Sooner State, having played there his last three times in the metro.

“Oklahoma audiences are great. Sometimes with individual shows, it’s kind of hard to have distinct memories from one night to the next, but that area of the country. I love performing there. It just feels … historic,” he said. “Crowds, when you gravitate toward the center of the country, are more lenient. They’re respectful and appreciative that people are coming to their town to perform. It’s a nice feeling.”

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