Gallery presents event highlighting audio, aural art

Listeners can hear a variety of documentary audio and aural art at a public listening room event filled with locally produced radio and sounds from around the world.

The Friday event, hosted by KGOU public radio and Untitled [ArtSpace],will feature work by former station news director Scott Gurian, among others. Gurian will speak to the audience live over the phone, sharing details about his audio stories.

"What this event does is throw audio files out there for budding reporters or just people interested in putting together narrated stories," said Jim Johnson, KGOU program director and event co-host.

The listening room event will offer the audience the opportunity to listen to the radio pieces, some of which have never aired. The audience will be invited to share opinions and gain insight into what it took to create a particular piece of audio. 

"It's really a listening session, so we'll be up there presenting, but we expect to see glazed eyes and people zoned out listening to the works," Johnson said. "It's not a visual presentation. Come there to listen."

Jon Mooneyham, a local sound artist and former Flaming Lips guitarist, will also co-host the evening's event, which will take place at 6 p.m. in the gallery at 1 N.E. Third. Admission is free. For more information, call 815-9995.

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