Shane Mauss has a different way of looking at the world.

The comedian is a native of Wisconsin, but found his way to the stage in Boston. His sarcastic, laconic style is reminiscent of late-night conversations with intelligent, mildly stoned friends.

“People tell me I have a unique delivery, but I don’t really know what they’re talking about. I just talk the way I talk,” said Mauss. “People are often surprised when they talk with me afterwards and realize that it’s not a character that I’m doing. Midwest accent, plus being an enormous stoner in my developing years, plus alcoholism, equals my voice.”

Although his career began in Massachusetts, he found his big break when he was invited to perform at 2007’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colo. His sets wowed the judges and he walked away with the Best Stand-up Comic award.

It was miles away from the club where he started. The Emerald Isle in Dorchester, Mass., now is condemned — a move Mauss said would have been prudent when he was doing open-mic shows there.

“We rarely had any actual audience members. When some did show up, they didn’t last very long,” he said. “Believe it or not, many of us loved it there. We almost got a kick out of how bad it was. It was a train wreck of epic proportions.”

Never having performed in Oklahoma City before, Mauss said he’s excited for Sunday’s show, which also features local comedian Sam Scovill and Chicago comic (and Oklahoma City native) Derek Smith.

The crowd here might not be huge, but it is devoted, so Mauss hopes to get a little weird.

“I’m trying to do more smaller, indie shows like this,” he said. “I can take a lot more chances and the audiences are more apt to come along for the ride.”

Spencer Hicks, co-founder of OKC Comedy, said Mauss is an upand-comer.

“Shane is a funny guy and is well-known in the comedy world,” said Hicks, who booked the show. “We think he’s about to get very popular and we wanted to bring him to Oklahoma City before he gets too big to even recognize Oklahoma as part of the lower 48.”

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