Get Published!: Professionally, Affordably, Fast

Not everybody who wants to write a book should, but the advent of print-on-demand technology has anybody to become a published author. Companies like iUniverse will print anybody's not-so-great American novel (or anything else) for a fee or a huge cut of the profits, if any. "Get Published!: Professionally, Affordably, Fast " is a how-to guide for aspiring scribes tired of accumulating rejection scripts and anxious to have something to show for it.

But don't think this is an unbiased guide; the book is published by "¦ iUniverse. And while it contains practical advice upfront, much of it is an unapologetic commercial for the company. As a book reviewer, I often see two huge mistakes among self-published works that rightly keep them from being taken seriously: unedited copy and unattractive covers. If you can't clear those hurdles, you're wasting your money. iUniverse"?Rod Lott

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