Reviewers' grade: A

The team that kidded zombie horror in "Shaun of the Dead" returns to take on the cop/action movie and, as they did last time, manage the tricky feat of making a picture that stands as an example of the very thing they're parodying.


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost return, this time as a pair of police partners in the model English village of Sandford. Pegg is a London copper exiled to the country for being so good he made the rest of Scotland Yard look bad. Now he and his new partner become suspicious when a series of accidents look too much like murders and no one in the village wants to investigate.


Many of the jokes fly by almost too fast, which is a shame because they're actually funny. Some are lost to English country accents and some are just so subtle you won't get them until the next day, like the one that just dawned on me. R


"?Doug Bentin


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