Tiny ceramic cream pot shaped like a duck from Blue Seven? Check. Tea towels stamped with blue egg beaters and the phrase “Beat Me” from Shop Good? Check and check.

Dulaney’s (7660 N. Western; 607- 8880) is absolutely chockablock full of fun finds for any kitchen. There is a lovely variety of tableware — dishes, glasses, serving bowls — but I was more interested in those little extras.

I loved the summery serving utensils by Tina Frey Designs. (Side note: Poor girl. I wonder how often people ask her to repeat her name. That’d be like being named Barack Olama. And if my name were Barack Olama, I would immediately move to Ireland and start raising llamas.)

Anyway, Tina Frey. Her fat utensils are made of resin, creating a bright, fun set of oversized spoons and forks in colors that look like sherbet that’s melted in the sun.

Also check out the lovely napkins, place mats and napkin holders by Dransfield & Ross. The designs have a “summer in the Hamptons” appeal, with natural linens decorated with vintage-looking line drawings of sea life. I especially loved the napkin rings shaped into sea creatures (like starfish, lobsters and more).

In Edmond, I am completely in love with the beautiful Chirps & Cheers (100 N. Broadway; 509-6336). To accompany my “Beat Me” tea towels, I was drawn to the very pretty linen towels by Studiopatró.

The tea towels are stamped with large block letters and boast (slightly more classy) sayings like “Devour” and “Live Love Eat.”

For a really timelessly gorgeous recipe box, you must not pass by Rifle Paper Co.’s handcrafted wooden box made with rescued hardwood that looks like a cherished heirloom. It’s absolutely stunning and has matching recipe cards. Other recipe cards are available from Russell + Hazel and Snow & Graham.

Also check out the Girl of All Work page flags done in cute kitchen themes and baked goods labels declaring “An Edible Gift.” Very cute. After years of driving by and telling myself I must visit, I finally went to The Market at Quail Springs (14001 Joel McDonald Drive; 752-2377). This massive site has more than 100 vendors, plus a cafe for when you need to refuel.

The Market holds everything from décor to clothing to accessories, and is fun to explore for great kitchen finds. The place certainly appeals to the type of woman who is free to shop at 2:30 p.m. on a Tuesday (read: lots of bedazzling and Old World-style crosses), but I found a ton I liked, and it was a lot less suburban than I expected.

Inside some individual booths, I loved little accessories, like a ceramic pitcher shaped like an open-mouthed fish and cute towels stamped with illustrations of cows and chickens. And there was one retro-inspired booth full of aprons, tablecloths and towels that was a ton of fun.

Now, I just need to learn how to cook.

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